Nutricosmetic products exploit the ingredients of collagen

As beauty is overwhelmingly addressed from the outside in, brands with nutricosmetic launches in 2021, such as those satisfying consumer desire for nutricosmetic powders, are raising growing awareness of nutricosmetic trends and attracting welcome attention. on the beauty category from the inside.

According to data provided by ClearCut Analytics and SPINS, the sub-category of hair, skin and nail supplements on Amazon has seen growth of 29% year-over-year (year-over-year) over the past 24 months, with capsules seeing an increase 41%. Collagen, especially marine collagen, dominates the category. Nutricosmetic powders, however, are the fastest growing delivery format with 68% expansion. Most powders contain collagen, mostly of bovine origin, with pure collagen powders at the top of the list.

The following companies are among those with nutricosmetic launches in 2021, whether with new products, technologies or package redesigns, fueling the industry’s continuing reimagining of the category.

Hair growth = sales growth

Viviscal’s Women’s Hair Growth Supplement is a new product entering the top 20, according to ClearCut. First listed in July 2020, it now ranks 12th in terms of overall revenue, boasting the highest growth, followed by Nutrafol Women’s Balance’s clinically proven hair growth supplement. Both contain marine collagen.

The clean label continues to grow

Laboratoire PYC France has been a nutricosmetic player in Europe and Asia for over a decade with collagen-based food supplements. According to Aurélie De Schuyteneer, Laboratoire’s marketing manager, the company recently launched a clean-label collagen formula in a stand-up “doypack,” a delivery format that is gaining interest in the nutritional supplement arena.

Studies have indicated that when taken orally, collagen can improve skin hydration, firmness and elasticity,1 and in its hydrolyzed form it has a significantly higher absorption rate.2 Vitamin C, on the other hand, has been shown to contribute to normal collagen formation.3 Laboratoire’s combination of collagen and vitamin C contains a simple blend of acerola extract, fruit powders and natural flavors combined with fish collagen hydrolyzate and sweetened with steviol glycosides.

“The PYC research and development laboratory [research and development] the team has chosen to minimize the list of ingredients, “said De Schuyteneer.” The idea is that everyone can consume their dietary supplement for its health benefits and without unnecessary ingredients. “

Ready to mix / drink, ready to rise

Another nutricosmetic launch in September 2021, Nu Skin’s Beauty Focus Collagen +, combines bioactive collagen peptides with lutein and phytoceramides. It is available as a naturally flavored peach ready drink or as an orange flavored nutricosmetic powder.

Shelly Hester, Ph.D., RD, Nu Skin Senior Scientist for Global Product Research, explained, “We chose a collagen peptide ingredient that has been well researched in a clinical setting to show skin benefits.”4 Some of the potential benefits may include reducing the appearance of wrinkles, as well as improving skin hydration, elasticity and regeneration.5.6 “Additionally, our marketing team found that skin hydration and hydration are one of the most important things consumers are looking for,” he suggested.

Complementary Nutricosmetics

As a women-led beauty company with a vision of educating women about beauty from the inside out, Reserveage has already established itself in the industry with a full line of beauty products from the inside including chewable collagen, powders of resveratrol and keratin capsules, to name a few.

The brand’s new Pro-Collagen Booster Skincare Collection has expanded this vision by complementing its nutricosmetic collagen line with a topical collagen. In general, it is not possible or effective to absorb collagen topically, which is why the ingredient is best known for its nutraceutical use. However, the proprietary blend of nine clinically researched ingredients, combined with proprietary technology incorporating microencapsulated copper peptides, can be effectively and safely absorbed by the skin for a complete skincare routine.7,8,9

“The beauty industry is shifting with increasing consumer interest in what they are putting into their body to address beauty issues, not just their body,” said Yamit Sadok, senior marketing director. “Reserveage is already positioned as a premium beauty brand with collagen-boosting nutrients and our new Pro-Collagen Booster Skincare collection complements the supplement line, establishing our inner and outer beauty portfolio.”

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