Noah Beck on hairstyles, Harry’s styles and why he always reads the comments

Noah Beck just informed me he’s in his coffee age. He didn’t like it very much once, but a friend’s vanilla milk won him over on a long trip to the airport, and he’s been experimenting ever since. When the perpetually smiling social media superstar appears in our video call, he’s sitting outside a java Los Angeles home right after a session at the gym, the AirPods are on and ready to go.

Apparently, his café is both a desire and a need. The internet has been shut down at his house, he laughs as he tells me, because someone forgot to pay the bill, such a hilarious situation for a mansion full of famous and extremely online Gen Z that it could be the presumption for an entire episode of the sitcom. But even if Beck were calling from home, her newfound interest in coffee seems more than necessary for someone with such a busy schedule. In addition to extensive partnerships with the brand and unwavering dedication to football (his first love), Beck oversees his hugely popular social media channels which boast a combined following somewhere north of 35 million.

Even if it is almost physically resistant to calling himself famous (“I hate that word!” says more than once), Noah Beck is extremely, undeniably famous. But he is also the kind of person who, by talking to them, makes you happy for their success. Beck’s energy can only be described as a very good camp counselor, as in the athletic and cheerful cabin chief who not only can do a back flip from the dock, but takes the time to excite the kids too. scared to jump.

It’s clear why he’s amassed such a following of dedicated Zoomers, all tuned in to watch his pranks, dances, workouts, friendships, and interactions with his girlfriend (the equally popular Dixie D’Amelio). However, Beck’s appeal and sphere of influence are only growing both within and outside his typical demographic. The former D1 player has just signed an ambassadorial contract with Major League Soccer and experimental and trendy photo shoots are turning the 20-year-old into something of a style icon. Join the inevitable scrutiny that comes with your life documentation for a young audience, and that would be enough to stress someone at least a little. But despite everything, Beck keeps smiling, that’s the kind of him, you know.

Noah Beck / Design by Tiana Crispino

What’s on your TikTok FYP right now? I feel like that is the window to the soul these days.

“I have everything from comic viral videos and random stuff to workout, cooking and food videos – I love the aesthetics, ChefTok type of thing. And I’ll have some video of a cat or some cute animal with millions and millions of I like it randomly [LAUGHS], but it’s my For You page right there. Oh, and football clips. Certainly some sports clips in there too. ”

Yep, speaking of football, how do you keep it an important part of your life?

“I try to play as much as possible. I still have friends at UCLA that I sometimes go to kick the ball with, and it’s always nice because I miss a lot. Until a couple of months ago, I was training with a team of Local pros here. They let me train with them for a while. They said, “Look, if you miss it and potentially want to recover, we’re here.” I was like, ‘Okay!’ So, I did it for a few months and loved it, but then I got to a point where my schedule caught up with me. And it has become a lot.

“Soccer coaches are very old-fashioned and they say, ‘So you’re going to be all-in, right?’ But I am becoming one of the heads of the social media aspects of the MLS. I will have a weekly thing where I will take the best clips of some of last week’s games in the MLS and break them down. I will be an MLS presenter and spokesperson on social media. And about it. I’m super excited. ”

In addition to trying to play football and staying active, do you enjoy wellness practices right now?

“I don’t know if this is a feel-good thing, but I’m in my coffee age. That’s LA, but me just entered the cafe. I guess I’ve never had the right one before. And I love the aesthetic of waking up in the morning and having a coffee. I love to train and try to do it every day if I can. Even if I don’t have time, in the morning I’ll go for a walk in my neighborhood and get some vitamin D from the sun. Maybe a little rush here and there.

“In terms of other things, just because I’m not feeling my best right now, I like immunity shots. They suck, but those sometimes help. Another friend of mine put me on a green juice with ginger and I hate it, but I feel different after drinking it. And I’m like, ‘Okay, maybe it works.’ But I don’t know if I’ll get the taste through!

“I’ve always wanted to go into meditation. When I wake up in the morning, I always tend to stretch. While brushing my teeth, I lift my legs and stretch out. I wouldn’t necessarily call That yoga, but it’s something I’d like to get into. There’s this hot yoga spot near my house, and I did it once with one of my growing friends and his mother. Her mother was a vet, but she was Like this hard. My friend and I were pretty fit athletes, so we said “It’ll be easy”. And his mother just kicked ours ass inside — we were on the floor in the middle of a hot yoga, just lying on the mats, struggling. [LAUGHS] I try to live a fairly healthy life. I think I feel better when I’m productive that way. ”

Noah Beck / Design by Tiana Crispino

Coffee, yoga, green juice: you’re right, it’s beautiful LA When you moved to the city, what did you find most surprising?

“I immediately think of how hectic it is. I expected it to come, but it seems like everyone is always doing something. And it wasn’t even surprising, but you see a lot of people who are very flashy with their objects. They are trying to prove things to people. Not. I know if I expected it, but I wasn’t not waiting for that. If you hear these stories about Los Angeles, and I thought they were all cinematic clichés, like Los Angeles stereotypes ”

Is there anything you are obsessed with right now? Shows, places, things.

“I don’t know if you’d call it that, but I love doing healthy things. I love playing game nights with friends, I love movie nights and I love going to the beach. It’s about that time in Los Angeles when you can go to the beach without your face. too cold so I’m excited about this. I love to travel and I love the way my job allows me to travel. It’s something that I have focused on, find things that give me joy because this job is overwhelming sometimes, there is a lot of negativity in it, but i like to work. I love that part of it. I love going to acting class. I like to get better at what I’m trying to do here. I love fashion. It’s something I love a little too much sometimes because my bank account suffers a little [LAUGHS]. ”

Do you have any fashion icons you admire? How would you describe your style?

“My inspo showcase of people I try to dress like … is all over the place. I don’t model my fashion on any person. There are clothes Harry Styles wears, many of his shows fit from his last tour, Love on tour. I am like, ‘Wow, that’s great.’ Timothée Chalamet is another example. Obviously, they both have very different body types than what I have, but you can still make it work. I started enjoying fashion more now that I got to do it. I’ve started to like it now that I go to the shows.

“I have a very different understanding and a very different appreciation than when I started doing fashion. Now, I’m looking at it and I’m like, ‘It’s so cool, I really saw what the creative director was thinking with that’, and I think that be nice when it gets to that point. ”

Noah Beck / Design by Tiana Crispino

What does your skincare routine look like these days?

“Because I’m not feeling very well; my skin is super dry right now. First, Los Angeles sucks and the air sucks. You need filters for your water and stuff, and I’ve been too lazy. to buy them because I think I can get over it with skin care, but yes, it definitely helps to have good water, good air, wherever you are.

“Since I’ve traveled so much, I’ve experienced different types of water and air, so my skin is like, ‘Whoa, what are we doing?’ My hair too! Since I started traveling a lot, I have very dry skin. Even my scalp is sometimes dry because I work out and sweat. Besides, I don’t want to wash my hair every day because I have been told to don’t do it, but in a way I have to do it because it’s disgusting, it’s hard to find a balance.

“I think a lot of people can relate to this because I also come across TikTok of people saying things like, ‘The secret to great hair is to shampoo twice a week and conditioner every day!’ If I conditioned myself every day, my hair would be Like this plate! It’s about what works best for you. I also noticed this with skin care. I have to moisturize more often than some of my friends do because they have naturally dewy skin. Ever since I got my first deal with the skin care brand, I have found love for it. It just makes you feel good. I’ll be honest: I can’t say I do it every single night and every morning, but consistency is very important. ”

Speaking of your hair, tell me how you take care of it. Your hair is like one thing. Tons of guys take your photos to the barbershop.

“It’s so good. It’s crazy. And it’s funny because I’m literally still trying to figure it out. I don’t have a fixed thing to do every day for my hair. I didn’t understand everything at everything After my workout [today], I took a shower in the gym, just crumpled it together, let it dry and somehow it stays that way. So it’s a little more curly than usual. And my hair can do it: I can curl it up and it will air dry into a wavy, messy look effortlessly. Sometimes when I wash it, unless it has a product, it is very soft. When it gets like this, when it’s soft, I’ll do this thing with my hand and try to push it up in the front. Sometimes I blow dry, just tilt my head down and put the blow dryer out here [HOLDS ARM OUT]and that will give him that natural bonnet in the front.

“In terms of product, maybe a few sea salt sprays here and there, but I don’t use pasta or anything like that. It gets to the point where I’ll have a nice hair day and I’ll be like,” Wait, what did I do today to do it. Look like that? ”And I try to remember, and I’m like,“ Didn’t I put anything in this? Why doesn’t it always look like this ?! “And that’s what’s so fun about having wavy hair.”

Noah Beck / Design by Tiana Crispino

Last question: if you could go back to the day before you created your TikTok account and tell you one thing, what would it be?

“To do that. I feel like I’m in a great place, I’m very lucky to be where I am and I’m very lucky with how things turned out. But like any other person, just like any other job, I have bad days. There will be. Bad days; there will be days when you get hate for no reason. There will be days when you get put in a shady room or tea room, and it’s like, “I didn’t even do anything,” but it’s the people with I am associated with. Basically, what I would say to myself is to keep my head up.

“There will be bad days, but it’s about how you answer: be calm, collected, composed. But also, don’t take anything for granted. As far as I mean, don’t even look at the comments, I’ll be watching the comments: it’s my video; I want to know what people think.

“I would tell myself that if people don’t know you personally, don’t let the things they say personally offend you. Why why? In the end, they don’t know you. And you don’t know them; you don’t know what they’re going through.”

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