My 60-year-old mom loves these 5 anti-aging products

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Today is my mom’s 62nd birthday (happy birthday, mom!), And I thought the best gift I could give her was a story telling the internet how beautiful her skin is. She might be around 60, but people always think she’s 40 – I know because she likes to tell me. Sure, some might just say this to be nice, but she really looks years younger. There’s barely a line on her face and it looks like her cheeks haven’t lost an ounce of collagen since the 1980s. She doesn’t even take Botox or fillers. She’s all natural, babe … well, aside from the handful of beauty products that have contributed to her youthful glow.

Christina’s mom from time to time

My mother now compared to the 80s when she was 24.

I have given my mother hundreds of beauty products in recent years; it is an advantage that she gets thanks to her only child (it would be me) who is a shop publisher. I get a lot of products that aren’t for me, so I’ll pass them on. Even though she’s collected a huge assortment of skin, body, and hair products, there are only five things in her spin that she swears by – and she’s now decided to reveal her anti-aging secrets. .

Here are the five products she attributes to her 40-year-old fake skin (and hair), all available on Amazon.

Filorga NCEF-Shot Ultra Concentrated Serum

Filorga NCEF-Shot Ultra Concentrated Revitalizing Face Serum

My mom said Filorga’s NCEF-Shot serum has seriously firmed and firmed her skin after using it for the past six months. According to the brand, the concentrated serum formula is equivalent to a mesotherapy treatment, a transdermal injection of French origin that improves the signs of aging with a mix of vitamins and plant extracts. The serum contains 50 ingredients, from vitamins to amino acids to antioxidants, which all work together to improve skin elasticity and the signs of aging.

L’Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum

L’Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum

If you can’t get your hands on that serum, don’t worry, because my mom has another landmark in her routine: L’Occitane’s Immortelle Reset Serum. We are both obsessed with all of L’Occitane (as a mother, as a daughter!), But my mother said this “softening” serum must be her favorite product. The serum contains 3,000 bubbles of immortelle, or eternal flower extracts, an antioxidant that contains anti-aging properties and helps protect skin from environmental stressors, according to the brand. In addition to being super moisturizing, my mom said she leaves her skin “glowing” and “fresh”.

Pura D’or Gold Label Biotin anti-thinning shampoo

PURA D’OR Anti-thinning shampoo with Original Gold Label biotin

This isn’t a skin care product, but it’s what helped my mom’s hair stop falling out after she contracted COVID-19 early last year. After she recovered, she told me she noticed a lot more hair loss, which can be a side effect of contracting the virus. She gifted her a bottle of Pura D’or Biotin Shampoo as it is one of the most reviewed hair growth products on Amazon and she immediately noticed the results. It has now become one of her favorite shampoos because it keeps her pixie cut “shiny” and “full”. She recommends it to anyone suffering from post-COVID hair loss or age-related hair thinning.

Korres Wild Rose Sleeping For The Face

KORRES Wild Rose for the illuminating night face for sleep

According to my mom, if you want soft skin and love rose scented products, you need to add Korres Wild Rose sleeping face to your routine. Formulated with vitamin C and rosehip extract, the night cream is designed to be used as a nighttime face to improve uneven skin tone and texture. She said it makes her feel like she is at the spa and she likes to use it as a treatment a couple of times a week.

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus + Moisturizing complex

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus + The Intensive Moisturizing Complex

Last but certainly not least is Perricone MD’s Cold Plasma Plus + Moisturizer. My mom is a longtime fan of Perricone MD – I remember how excited she would have been when she found it for sale at Costco when I was a kid. So after last year the brand gave me some of its latest additions to the Cold Plasma Plus + line, I realized I had to put some in her hands. My mom told me the peptide-rich moisturizer is “perfect” for the extra dryness she experienced on her face as she got older; she is thrilled that she is “super rich” and makes it seem like she had a good night’s sleep, “which is never the case”.

The smaller moisturizer size is scarce on Amazon (with more to come), but if you miss it, the two-ounce size is completely available, as is the SPF version that you can use all over your body.

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