Moda Grammys 2022: as beautiful as they sound

This year, the Grammy Awards have been postponed to April 3 due to the increase in Omicron cases. However, the event took place with its signature glamor, eye-catching design and performance. We already knew the outfits were going to be great, but not as stunning as we expected!

Here are ten artists who defied our expectations in the most beautiful and creative ways possible.

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San Vincenzo

Arriving on the red carpet in a Gucci dress that illustrates her blossoming career, St. Vincent wore a pink dress with flounces and sequins. The dress is part of the Gucci Spring 2022 collection and is perfect for the season! It would have been great without the sequins and flounces, but the hot pink flounces give it a little something extra, a lot of something!

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Lil Nas X

Whether it’s in her music or the way she dresses, Lil Nas X never ceases to amaze. Dressed in a Balmain gown with butterflies and pearls embroidered from head to toe, Lil Nas X took advice from former First Lady Jackie Kennedy. His style icon said: “Pearls are always appropriate”.

Lil Nas X showed us the versatility of pearls and paired her look with cyan eyeshadow and diamond earrings. Her outfit is a work of art and the definition of going beyond the world of fashion.

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Lady Gaga

Another artist who never ceases to amaze fans is Lady Gaga. Her red carpet look of her, a glamorous black and white Armani Privé dress accessorized with Tiffany and Co. was a lifesaver. If Gaga didn’t change her outfit during the 2022 Grammys, no one would be critical of her because she always dazzles.

However, that would be contrary to her essence, which is why it’s only natural that she switched to a light turquoise dress wrapped with a bow at the back. Gaga’s Armani Privé and Elie Saab ensembles matched the retro aesthetic of Love for Sale.

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Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo kept old Hollywood alive in an elegant black Vivienne Westwood dress with pink crystals and black gloves. Many of the extras in the clothes of these celebrities were pink. What made Olivia Rodrigo’s outfit unique is that the pink sequins are on her dress. If Rodrigo’s red carpet look was reminiscent of Rita Hayworth in Gilda-Black Gloves and All That Jazz, her other ensemble was similar to Marilyn Monroe’s character in The Seven Year Itch. His new take on old Hollywood glamor is key to making such fabulous ensembles.

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If a group showed us how to blend traditional clothing with avant-garde style, it would be BTS. Despite arriving on the red carpet with what one would expect, dresses with flowers and brooches are a compromise in the fashion world. The group did not match, but their clothes were similar; even so, their accessories are what made their outfits unique. Just looking at V’s flowers and the rest of the band’s brooches, they show us that the details matter!

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Rachel Zegler

With the revival of Sex and the City And Just Like That airing before the Grammys, one could have imagined that Carrie Bradshaw’s style influenced Rachel Zegler’s choice for the Grammy Awards. Zegler’s transparent gray Christian Dior dress was reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic Versace dress. Rachel Zegler’s jewelry added to her refined look. The Tiffany & Co. diamond platinum necklace made her fit for royalty.

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Doia cat

Doja Cat stunned us when she showed up on the red carpet in a mint Versace dress. With the number of modern Cinderella movies made, they should have used Doja Cat’s dress! She forgets the glass slippers; Doja Cat accessorized her look with a glass snack bag, proving that a queen can take care of herself.

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In recent years, flowers have turned out to be fashionable. The SZA outfit showed us that this trend is here to stay. The flowers varied in color and size, making this dress stand out as a red carpet look. Right! The 2022 Grammy Awards didn’t just show us some trends; they represented many, sometimes inside a dress, as illustrated by SZA.

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Japanese breakfast

Creativity is one thing, merging ingenuity with album design is another. Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner showed us that dressing up for her album “Jubilee” isn’t impossible. Appearing on the red carpet in a bright yellow Valentino dress, Michelle Zauner was another musician who looked out of this world with flounces.

The 2022 Grammys were full of ensembles that drew viewers. Just as I started with an outfit that included pink ruffles, I leave you with another pink ensemble.

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Billy Porter

Billy Porter did justice to pink and flounces in an outfit that took it all to another level. To complete the look, Porter wore purple lipstick and light purple eyeshadow. Demonstrating the old school sideboard of shoes paired with the bag, or in this case the clutch, Porter played with traditional elements and gave them a modern home.

Overall, the fashion at the Grammy Awards was a show. It’s hard to imagine better ensembles, but I think we’ll have to wait until next year. Perhaps our favorite musicians will challenge our expectations again.

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