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Odel and a reality star, has just posted a picture of herself in a pink swimsuit and an extravagant set of earrings and necklace. Trevisan titled the post, “Aphrodite. Goddess of beauty. Dedicated to every woman who wants to get out of the box and choose her own style; she who wants to feel unique with a jewel made entirely by hand in a limited edition; that one wants to feel beautiful without taking herself. too seriously. ” How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Miriana Trevisan keeps fit and photos that prove it works and to get ready for the beach, don’t miss out on these essentials 30 best celebrity swimwear photos!

During a trip to the sea, Trevisan decided to do some fun exercises. He posted this series of photos on Instagram of herself doing aerial exercises. In them Trevisan uses a suspended frame and makes various poses. She captioned the post: “Suspended – not as something finished, but as something that doesn’t fall or fly. Something that awaits its own balance up there.”

Trevisan loves spending time on the beach and in the water. She posts several photos and videos on Instagram of herself in the water. She posted this photo on Instagram of herself modeling in a swimming pool. She subtitled it: “Orange is always a sudden kiss between the colors of red and yellow and outside the universe laughs and laughs in the warm light that is released”. According to Center for Disease Prevention and Control“Water-based exercise can help people with arthritis improve the use of their arthritic joints without worsening symptoms.”

Trevisan is pretty calm about her training routines. However, she likes to go to fitness classes at the gym to keep fit. She posted this photo on Instagram of herself doing a hamstring stretch at her gym, Tre Castilli Fitness Center. She titled the post “BodyBalance”. Classes are a great way to train. They provide a sense of community and support and having a teacher there helps you do the exercises correctly.

Trevisan loves spending time outdoors. One thing in particular that she likes to do is go hiking. And she doesn’t care if she’s cold outside. Trevisan posted this photo of herself as she hikes in Cortina d’Ampezzo, with a large mountain in the background. She captioned the photo: “We are like snowflakes: all different in our wonderful way.”

Stefania M. D’Alessandro / Getty Images

Being Italian, Trevisan loves enjoying a glass of wine. Specifically, red wine. Trevisan posted this selfie on Instagram of herself enjoying a glass of red wine at home. Red wine has some benefits for your body. According to this study in the National Library of Medicine, “Biological mechanisms for cancer prevention are associated with the consumption of antioxidants and polyphenols contained in fruit, their products, such as wine, and vegetables. A moderate consumption of wine is recommended daily, mainly with foods. “

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