Mint Salon offers beauty tips to trans women on Trans Day of Visibility

Mint Salon owner and beautician Caroline Quinn gives women beauty tips and tricks on Trans Day of Visibility.

GREEN BAY – When Donn volunteered to be beautician Caroline Quinn’s makeup model at Mint Salon, he wasn’t fully prepared for the feel of eyeliner first drawn along the lashline, nor for the audience who looked in amazement.

“It’s really weird to have something pushed into your eyeball,” he joked to the group. But when someone in the crowd said “wow” to her final transformation, he was quick to grab a portable mirror and see for himself a face with smoky eyes and eyebrows that he looked back.

Later, Donn, who asked the newspaper not to use his surname, told the Press-Gazette that he enjoyed the experience for the ways it demonstrated self-care and how it allowed him to free himself from ” boundaries of the male harness, “which he said doesn’t fit who he is and how he would like to identify himself.

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