Michael Mosley’s Easter Diet Plan Including Red Wine Advice and How to Avoid “Slipping”

Michael Mosley’s Fast 800 Diet is a popular choice for many aspiring to lose weight quickly and effectively, and with Easter upon us, many fear that a “mistake” may be on the horizon. Easter is a long weekend spent with family and friends, and the temptation to break one’s diet is always present due to the abundant quantities of food and sweets on offer.

That said, Easter should definitely be a time to indulge in the company of friends and family and break the odd dietary commitment. However, if you want to stick to your nutrition regimen, the TV health guru has several ways to do this without spoiling the fun.

The main goal is to deflect the charm and attention of the chocolate Easter egg, the main culprit of Easter, by making it look anything but appetizing. To do this, we recommend filling your day with other delicious foods that don’t make you think twice about having chocolate.

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Dr. Mosley’s website says, “So many face the feeling of worry and fear when celebrations and long weekends loom. Often it can be the time when people break their diets or face the infamous” slip. ” The Fast 800 is meant to be followed for a lifetime and with life comes events, occasions and celebrations.

“Having a clear meal plan will make you less likely to have a few extra chocolate eggs throughout the day. Eating Mediterranean-style meals, rich in protein, healthy fats and fiber, will ensure you stay full and nourished throughout the day. day.”

Mediterranean meals are Mosley’s specialty and something he enthusiastically supports. He attributes this diet to the overwhelming success that many find helpful in losing weight and has since become extremely popular. For this Easter, Dr Mosley’s Fast 800 Diet has several new recipes you should consider:

  • Healthy vanilla pancakes, with stewed plums and yogurt
  • A whole fish baked with lemon
  • Mexican baked eggs and avocado
  • A fasting fish curry
  • Asparagus with sauce
  • Fish and chips (not the chip shop type)

These are just some of the options the health expert recommends trying this Easter, in the hopes of not thinking twice about chocolate eggs or diet breaking in general. Drinking can also be an Achilles heel for many during Easter, the temptation to let your hair down in the sun can sometimes prove too tempting – fear not, Dr. Mosley has suggestions for this too.

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He said, “If you meet with friends or family in an outdoor setting, bring drinks with you as it can be tempting to succumb to the high-sugar alcohol options that may be offered. Following a Mediterranean-style diet will not “Don’t deprive yourself of alcohol completely; Red wine is our favorite drink as it has some health benefits and can help reduce the risk of health conditions when consumed in moderation. “

Some suggested drinks instead include:

  • Spritz of cucumber and mint
  • Pomegranate mocktail
  • Red wine sprinkler

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