Michael Kors and Nina Garcia on their favorite fashion school memories and hosting this year’s FIT Gala

Demonstrating Oscar Wilde’s famous adage that “you can never be over-dressed or over-educated”, Michael Kors and SHENina Garcia herself will host the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Annual Awards Gala tonight, Wednesday, April 13, at The Shed in New York City this year.

The black-tie event will honor “multifaceted visionaries whose achievements create sustainable, purpose-oriented solutions for the new creative economy,” according to a press release, including Serena Williams, Aerin Lauder, Debra Martin Chase and former FIT alumna Brandice. Daniel, founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row, for “his pioneering work in creating a platform for color designers during New York Fashion Week and supporting women in building thriving businesses.”

While we look forward to the next generation of creatives, it’s also fun to look back. With that in mind, we asked Kors and Garcia, who both studied at FIT, to share their favorite school memories, thoughts on the future of fashion and what else we can expect from the 2022 event, the proceeds of which will support FIT. He founds and helps promote young talents through special programming, new initiatives and funded scholarships.

nina garcia michael kors

Nina Garcia and Michael Kors.


What are you waiting for more tonight?

Nina Garcia: I am thrilled that we are raising funds in real time for the FIT Student Emergency Relief Fund, created to help students cope with an unexpected event, whether it is an illness, an accident or the death of a member. of the family. continue to pursue their education without worrying about finances or other difficulties. Nowadays, especially with the pandemic, it is an incredibly significant cause. Of course, I’m also excited to reunite with Michael and host the gala together. We always have fun.

Michael Kors: Co-hosting with my great friend Nina and honoring my dear friend Aerin Lauder. And supporting the students and staff of FIT: I remember when I was a student, surrounded by other young creatives and highly talented teachers, I felt like I had found my chosen family. I am happy to be able to support them and give today’s generation the opportunity to feel the same way.

    Do you have a favorite memory of your time in FIT?

    NG: When I first came to FIT, it struck me how rooted we were in the fashion industry. So many people were willing to help, and it was through FIT that I was able to tap into connections and experiences that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. Through one of their programs, I got an internship at Perry Ellis, just as Marc Jacobs was showing him his iconic grunge collection. It was the perfect time to work there. That experience changed my life.

    MK: Coming back with friends from late nights to Studio 54, taking the speakers from our rooms, putting them in the corridors of the mixed dorms and having our Paris is burning– themed love dance and parade.

      How should the fashion industry change?

      NG: I hope young designers feel free to express their individuality and push fashion standards in a more inclusive direction, heralding a new fashion era that is transparent, accountable and representative. We must work together and lay the foundations now, especially in terms of sustainability, to ensure a planet for our future generations.

      MK: Students should continue to look for great mentors and support from the industry, while challenging the rules and making fashion more diverse and inclusive than ever. Remember, having confidence and a strong point of view will set you apart and take you to the next level.

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