MANA starts a partnership with makeup artists to fill the gaps in color cosmetics

The interview for this article was conducted via email.

Tell me a little about this program and where the concept comes from.

The Artists At The Bench program was inspired by MANA’s many collaborations with makeup artist brands and our extensive experience with the exceptional products they conceive, create and deliver to the beauty industry.

We know that the more we engage closely with these professionals of all things beautiful, bringing their perspectives into conversation with our advanced manufacturing capabilities, the better MANA can develop and deliver innovative and commercially viable products for the industry at large.

By partnering with these three master makeup artists, MANA was able to combine our in-house experience with product texture, formula and ingredient technologies with artists’ visions to create a new generation of makeup.

What is the value of involving makeup artists in the research and development process of colored cosmetics?

Marco Castro, Rudy Miles and Meredith Baraf from MANA's Artists At The Bench program.

Marco Castro, Rudy Miles and Meredith Baraf from MANA’s Artists At The Bench program. Image from MANA

We were very selective about the artists to bring to the workshops. We were looking for artists with different perspectives, needs and approaches to beauty. Each of the participating artists also brought their own unique techniques to the counter, helping us co-create truly innovative products that we can now make available to our clients and their clients.

Having them with us at the counter, the artists were able to work directly with the formulators, demonstrating and testing the application, use and wear of the product and perfecting the textures and textures of the product until they met their standards. very high. It has been a mutually beneficial experience for both artists and formulators to collaborate on these products and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to create a truly innovative beauty product.

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