Mana launches Color Cosmetics “Artists at the Bench” initiative

On April 1, leading beauty supplier Mana launched the Artists at the Bench initiative, which consists of three makeup lines, each co-conceived with famous makeup artists Meredith Baraf, Marco Castro and Rudy Miles. Each line exploits and exhibits the knowledge and flair of each respective makeup artist while centering innovative and eco-conscious formulas.

“This initiative is truly a great opportunity to pay tribute to Mana’s roots,” said Chris Kyrou, senior vice president of research and development at Mana. “Mana has long been known as a company that has developed innovative products not only for the industry’s leading brands, but also for makeup artists.”

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This release marks the first time working at the counter in a cosmetics workshop for all three makeup artists involved. Formulated with the aim of bridging the gap between the products that makeup artists are looking for and those that are currently available to them, the launch includes a number of multifunctional products, such as Mousse Melt for Cheek and Lip by Miles and Eyeliner Activator with Lash Serum by Baraf.

“We believe in co-creation and who is best to partner with these highly talented makeup artists who are at the forefront of unmet needs in the beauty category,” Kyrou said.

Safflower and hibiscus extracts, sodium hyaluronate and sunflower oil are among the nourishing ingredients of Baraf’s eye-centric and peptide-rich line. Channeling her instinctive sense of color and dimension, Baraf has jointly developed a smoothing eyeshadow base, a Wet & Dry eyeshadow pencil and a latex eyeshadow intended to create a wet look finish with its glossy shine.

“We continually seek to overcome the limits of the space of clean and sustainable beauty. This is an area that is ripe for innovation and is almost an entry point for today’s consumers, ”Kyrou said.

Castro, who is of Peruvian descent, seeks to bring greater inclusiveness and gender neutrality to the world of makeup. His contributions to the launch include a tinted oil balm, face sculptor, and self-fixing concealer – one of the key ingredients being buriti fruit oil, found in the Peruvian Amazon.

“Peru is great for its biodiversity in terms of materials and ingredients. My grandmother loved medicinal herbs. We used them for healing purposes, for ointments, for cooking; and I know very well the benefits of the ingredients that have been used since ancient – pre-Inca – times, “Castro said in a statement.

Doubling the effort towards hybrid products, Miles has jointly developed a Prime + Set Loose Powder in addition to its Mousse Melt. The powder infused with açai extract comes in a universal shade that works on all skin tones and is designed to both prep and fix makeup by reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

“Among my non-negotiable things for the project was a cleaner, more responsible beauty,” Miles said in a statement. “If you are someone who wants to go out with a competitive product today, you will have to talk about the ingredients, the sourcing, the microbiome … Mana did this job for us.”

The first initiative of its kind in Mana, Artists at the Bench aims to honor the symbiotic relationship the company has cultivated with makeup artists over the past 40-plus years, while opening the door to future collaborative experiences that have the potential to drive innovation in the beauty industry.


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