Made In Frying Pan review

If there’s one thing in life I understand, it’s less is more – especially in the kitchen. For most of my twenties, I invested in countless one-trick kitchen gadgets and tools, like avocado slicers, giant wok pans, and pasta makers, all in hopes of becoming a great home cook. But instead of honing an impressive set of culinary skills, I was simply overwhelmed by countless one-off kitchen gadgets and gizmos gathering dust in my collection.

So a few years ago I decided to rid my kitchen of these little-used tools and instead focus on curating a collection of everyday items that I use regularly, like my multi-purpose Shun chef’s knife and my well-used GIR spatula . From time to time, however, I choose to thoughtfully incorporate a few additional pieces into my kitchen, such as this slow juicer from Hurom, which I still use every morning, and most recently, this stainless steel frying pan from up-and-coming cookware company Made In.

I had heard a lot about Made In Cookware early last year when I was looking for different sets of pans to buy for a close family member. And while I didn’t pull the trigger when I bought a full set, I kept hearing about Made In’s incredible selection, including their well-reviewed US-made stainless skillet.

Manufactured in American style stainless steel skillet

Since I tend to overfill my pans with inordinate amounts of ingredients, I chose Made In’s 12-inch stainless steel skillet – the largest the brand offers – and tested it to cook a variety of staples, including Scrambled eggs, stir-fry and stir-fry fish, chicken thighs and cheesy quesadillas. All very typical skillet dishes!

These suggestions came not only from other studied home cooks that I knew, but also from professional, award-winning chefs who suggested the brand for anyone who wants high-quality, restaurant-quality cookware at an affordable price. Even if you visit the Made In website, you’ll quickly find that celebrity chefs like Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio and James Beard Award winner Nancy Silverton use these very same pots and pans in their restaurant kitchens.

What struck me very quickly about the 5-layer metal pan is how easily and efficiently it heats up. Not only does it retain its high heat, but it also distributes that heat evenly throughout the pan throughout the cooking process. My other skillets, including my heavy-duty cast-iron skillet, took several minutes to reach proper heat and struggled to maintain a solid, consistent temperature. The Made In Stainless Clad Skillet reaches high heat in a minute or two and stays at that exact temperature until I turn off the stove. The handle of the pan also doesn’t heat up with the rest of the pan during cooking, so you don’t have to worry about burning your hand.

If you’re wondering how much heat the pan can handle, it’s actually quite a lot; 800 degrees Fahrenheit to be approximate, so if you want to throw that steel skillet in the oven and fry something, get right on with it. From an aesthetic point of view, the Made In skillet looks and feels super expensive despite being under $100. And if their frying pan is any indication of what to expect from the Made In brand, there’s no telling what the rest of their range has in store for the everyday home cook.

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