Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox and Tiffany Haddish at the Fashion LA Awards

As the best in fashion gathered for the sixth annual Fashion LA Awards on the Daily Front Row, the sea of ​​a few hundred well-heeled guests separated to make way for Kelly machine gun And Megan Fox when they walked into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel ballroom on Sunday night. The couple was on hand to present the honors Maeve Reilly And Adam Ballheimthe style curators who set up their own whirlwind – and much hyped – romance and everyone wanted to take a photo or video for social media.

When the quartet made their entrance, the red carpet was already full of star power: the Oscar winner Brie Larson smiled at the photographers along with the hairstylist of the year winner Bryce Scarlettwhile winner of Fashion Entrepreneur Paris Hilton he had just finished posing and was entering interview mode.

As she spoke Variety, Hilton explained why the award was particularly significant. “I have worked so hard and love being an entrepreneur and a business woman. I feel so proud. “

It is true that over the past two decades Hilton has innovated the meaning of the term “celebrity” as a pioneer of influencer culture. Discussing her next frontier in business, Hilton added, “Well, I used to be the queen of the club, but now I’m the queen of the metaverse, they call me, which is really exciting because I’m such a nerdy undercover.”

Hilton became obsessed with Web3 and the new technologies available in that medium, building her “Paris World” metaverse inside Roblox, where she hosted a special event during New York Fashion Week. Also a well-known DJ, Hilton will head to the Neon Carnival at Coachella. It’s about inviting her fans into her world through the mix of fashion and social.

“Not everyone can go to Coachella or go to an awards show like this, so I really want people to enjoy my life in the metaverse,” he said, explaining how fans would be invited into his experience on Sunday night. “This dress is sure to be transformed into a digital wearable that people can buy on Roblox.”

Hilton was supported at the event by her mother Kathy Hilton and handed over the award from Gorgeous teethwho touted how inspired she was by Hilton’s trip.

“It is really important to know that there are no limits just because you are a woman. I feel like she’s just the toughest bitch I know, “commented Gorgeous.” It really proves you can do all the avenues, of every single type of job. And I know this is represented in my life. Nothing is off limits and I feel like she is a very good supporter of this.

The event was presented by Derek Blasbergwith the full list of winners, including designer of the year Brandon Maxwell (presented by Tiffany Haddish); photographer and career award winner Russel James (presented by Kris and Kendall Jenner); fashion visionary Elizabeth Stewart (presented by Zoey Deutsch) and the Mattel executive Lisa McKnightwho received the fashion influencer award on behalf of Barbie (presented by D’Lila, Change and Jessie Combs).

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