Lotus Herbals MD believes that hemp is an indispensable ingredient for beauty brands

Lotus Herbals owns a range of brands including Lotus Botanicals, Lotus Organic +, SoulTree and Conscious Chemist.

Most recently, the company announced the launch of a range of hemp-based skincare products for Lotus Organic +, which includes a serum, cleanser, face oil, moisturizer and cream. night.

The Hemp Youth Glow range has been developed to tap into the growing demand for clean and ethical products, which the company believes to be the key to accelerating its growth.

“Hemp is revolutionizing clean, ecological and ethical beauty and lifestyle. Its popularity can be attributed to greater awareness and eco-friendly alternatives … and increased consumption due to health benefits “,Said Nitin Passi, president and chief executive officer of Lotus Herbals.

“As an eco-conscious brand, Lotus Organics + is built on that ethics. Our momentum to launch a hemp range has been driven by its beauty benefits coupled with the growing global popularity and sustainability associated with the ingredient. “Bound

According to Passi, hemp is currently a “Unexplored ingredient in India”. However, the

the revival of therapeutic, beauty and spiritual knowledge from ancient Indian scriptures has helped to raise his awareness.

“Consumers are also becoming more and more receptive to the idea of ​​using hemp and detaching the plant from its psychotropic properties … The demand for hemp products has increased tremendously over the past year and this trend is here to last. for many more years “,Added Passi.

She said Cosmetics Design-Asia Expects demand for hemp cosmetics to increase in India.

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