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Eating a healthy, balanced diet can be difficult. There are so many factors working against you: from needing to travel to and from the grocery store to buy expensive organic groceries to picking up the discipline not to eat the cheeseburger and fries you really want for dinner.

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Cooking delicious and healthy food is more than possible, but it also requires meal planning, preparation, cooking time and cleaning. After all of this, it’s no surprise that most of us choose a greasy takeaway dish that’s just a few clicks away.

Thankfully, weight loss meal delivery services exist and they can make the whole process a lot easier. From helping you control portion sizes to delivering all the ingredients you need to make a healthy meal right at your door, they’re designed to save you time and money and help you lose weight in the process. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites below, as well as some helpful weight loss nutrition tips.

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Weight Loss Tips

Contrary to what the fitness industry apparently wants you to believe, you can lose weight without exercising. A lot of weight loss depends on your diet and the foods you are putting into your body. Here are some key factors when formulating a diet that will help you lose weight:

  • Portion sizes: Not overeating or overeating at each meal is crucial for weight loss. Not only do you not want to overeat, but you also don’t want to eat too little, which can lead to hunger and overindulgence at your next meal.

  • Eat balanced Meals: Eating a balanced meal consisting of 50% carbohydrates, 25% fat and 25% protein is ideal for weight loss and overall nutritional well-being, according to Julia DeLissio, registered dietitian and certified personal trainer with we consulted for nutritional advice before on SPY.

  • High Protein, High Fiber Content: According to the Cleveland Health Clinic, eating high-protein, high-fiber foods will stave off hunger for longer and keep you full for longer.

  • Consistency: Losing weight is also a matter of consistency and planning. Cooking with food means planning meals in advance to keep things from spoiling and following your diet consistently so you can see results.

Weight Loss Meal Delivery Kits and Services can help you accomplish all of the above. They portion everything from the entire meal, in ready-to-eat meal delivery services, to individual ingredients in kitchen kits supplied with ready-to-prepare recipes.

Many of them have registered dieticians on staff who prepare meals using nutritional guidelines on carbohydrates, fats and proteins, so you can get a balanced meal without having to plan and portion it yourself.

Weight Loss Meal Delivery Kits also take care of all the planning for you, so you can just focus on preparing and eating and hopefully meeting your weight loss goals.

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Kit for the delivery of slimming meals


Out of all the meal delivery kits we’ve tried, Hungryroot is SPY’s editors’ favorite for weight loss. It’s a meal delivery service designed with a template to stock your refrigerator full of healthy groceries and ingredients. Each kit comes with recipe cards that you can follow to use the ingredients on hand to make something delicious. However, Taylor Galla, senior editor of e-commerce at SPY, also noted that she enjoyed being creative with the ingredients and cooking them in ways the kit hadn’t planned.

Everything that comes in every Hungryroot package is fresh and ready to use and includes everything from ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner to snacks and even desserts. Their chickpea cookie dough is so good, we’ve been trying to buy it ourselves for a while.

Upon sign up, take a short quiz that helps you formulate healthy recipes and healthy snacks + pantry staples, then your weekly shipments are sent straight to your door, starting at $ 65 per box. You can cancel or skip a week at any time.

Hungryroot meal delivery, slimming meal delivery

Hungryroot meal delivery, slimming meal delivery

Buy: Hungryroot Meal Delivery $ 65.00 per delivery


Freshly is another top-notch weight loss meal delivery kit that offers ready-made meals that you just need to pop in the microwave or oven for a few minutes to enjoy. Their meals require no cooking or preparation, and SPY editors have been impressed with the taste of the food, especially after being cooked from frozen. The texture of fresh meals leaves something to be desired, as you’re microwaving a frozen dinner instead of making something completely fresh, but for convenience it’s a great option.

They have a menu of over 30 healthy meals to choose from each week and have a variety of meal plan options to choose from to fit your lifestyle. You can have four to 12 meals delivered weekly and all cooked just before delivery for optimal freshness.

Fresh Meal Kit, Weight Loss Meal Delivery Kit

Fresh Meal Kit, Weight Loss Meal Delivery Kit

Buy: Fresh Meal Kit $ 8.99 per meal


There is nothing to do, Sakara is expensive. Their exclusive nutrition program starts at $ 169 for just two days of delivery per week and includes 100% plant-based organic meals and snacks such as anti-inflammatory vegetarian masala, rose petal pancakes, and eggplant florentine.

The program includes ready-made, plant-rich and totally organic treats formulated to help you lose weight, increase energy levels, reduce bloating and even improve digestion. The ingredients are whole, lightly processed, and high in fiber which can help with weight loss. The SPY editors haven’t had a chance to try this kit yet, but the food sure looks healthy.

Sakara Life, slimming meal delivery kit

Sakara Life, slimming meal delivery kit

Buy: Sakara Signature Nutrition Program $ 169.00 per week

Daily harvest

Daily Harvest became a popular meal kit thanks to its delicious smoothies, but has since expanded its menu to include delicious items like night oats, buns, soups and bowls. If you are a smoothie lover, you should check out Daily Harvest for healthy and affordable breakfasts.

All of their food is made with sustainably sourced fruits and vegetables, and everything can be ready to eat in minutes. Taylor Galla, senior editor of e-commerce at SPY, has tried Daily Harvest several times and appreciated the convenience. He felt that the taste of some things seemed to be desired, but if you are looking for wholesome, whole foods and convenient preparation, they are another great option.

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Daily Harvest Meal Kit, Weight Loss Meal Delivery

Daily Harvest Meal Kit, Weight Loss Meal Delivery

Buy: Daily Harvest Meal Delivery starting at $ 5.99 per item


BistroMD is a medically designed weight loss meal delivery plan formulated with nutrition at the core, to keep you healthy and fueled while helping you lose weight. They have numerous weight loss programs that you can sign up for, including 7 and 5 day options. You can also create a customized program with lunches and dinners only.

Their meals can be ready in 5 minutes or less, and they have options for numerous dietary restrictions including gluten-free, vegetarian, and even diabetes-friendly options. They also have a snacking program called EATS (Essential and Tasty Snacks) that you can add to your plan to accelerate weight loss.

BistroMD meal kit, slimming meal delivery

BistroMD meal kit, slimming meal delivery

Buy: BistroMD Weight Loss Plan starting at $ 140.51 per week


Nutrisystem has been around for decades because it works. SPY editors have seen Nutrisystem work for loved ones and the reason is because you don’t have to limit or give up on delicious foods you enjoy. The program sends you pre-cooked meals like spaghetti and meatballs and stir-fried shrimp that you reheat and eat along with lean proteins and vegetables you make yourself.

It’s the best of both worlds – the system helps you build a healthy meal with a balance of fat, carbohydrates, and vegetables, and you can enjoy decadent-tasting meals in smaller portions with fewer calories. They send you breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts and have flexible meal plans depending on your height, weight and age.

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Nutrisystem diet program

Nutrisystem diet program

Buy: Nutrisystem meal delivery starting at $ 248.00 per month

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