Lizzo’s best hair and makeup looks over the years

A long scroll of Lizzo’s Instagram feed will tell you that she has a lot of fun experimenting with her personal style. Even though her fashion sense is amazing, it’s impossible to ignore how beautiful her hair and makeup always look.

For Lizzo, makeup has always been a form of expression. “I love changing my makeup every single day,” she once said Refinery 29. “When we get into the glam, my makeup artist says, ‘Who are you today?’ Then he will create a fantasy. “

The singer’s makeup artist Alexx Mayo has been the mastermind behind all of her looks both on and off the red carpet since he first met her on the set of her music video “Water Me” in 2017. 2020 interview with PopSugar, explained that after Lizzo’s makeup artist failed to make the set for the video shoot, he was called in as a replacement. “When I met her, we immediately had this connection … I immediately felt that we had known each other for so long,” she said.

Several years later, Mayo created everything from Lizzo’s vibrant pink Met Gala ensemble to the Brit Awards look inspired by Hershey chocolate bars. “We are very big on playing on mood,” Mayo said. “Sometimes we feel very energetic or loud or colorful and bright. And sometimes, we have days where we feel emotional. I feel this is really reflected in the makeup.”

Lizzo’s red carpet beauty looks have wowed us dozens of times – check out some of our favorites beforehand.

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Pretty In Pink: Camp Edition

Lizzo stood out among many celebrities at the Met Gala in 2019 for fully embracing the “pitch” theme of the event. In addition to her all-pink dress, the singer wore matching lipstick, blush and eyeshadow. She completed her look with a neon pink wig with rhinestones and finger waves.


Bold Updo and brown lipstick

Lizzo showed her sweet side in this chocolate-inspired look she wore to the Brit Awards in 2020. She also paired the Hershey-inspired dress, clutch and manicure beautifully with brown lipstick and eyeshadow. And her triple stacked bun was reaching new heights (literally).


Warm Tones And Rosy Cheeks

In 2019, Lizzo went for warmer tones at the 2019 American Music Awards. She paired her bright orange dress with a fuller forehead and blood orange eyeshadow. She also used a similar tone on her cheeks and lips and opted for a 90s style inverted high ponytail with banged bangs.


Fiery lip and blonde eyebrows

Lizzo sported a fiery lip in 2021 accompanied by blonde hair and brows. To match her lips, the “Truth Hurts” singer wore a smoky red eyeshadow with a subtle winged liner.

It’s probably safe to say that Lizzo is a huge fan of brightly colored makeup. To contrast her neutral lip, she played with candy pink and blue tones on her eyes and nails.


Graphic liner with a pop of color

Lizzo sported a stunning double wing accompanied by a turquoise crease that matched her outfit perfectly.


Two toned eyes and a curled ponytail

After the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Lizzo turned to Instagram to give her followers a closer look at her red carpet makeup. “My eyes are green because I eat a lot of vegetables. It has nothing to do with your new friend ….”, she wrote the caption of the post. That seems like a good explanation!


Neutral lids and sticky blasts

Sometimes less is more. In March, Lizzo wore her hair in space girl buns and donned smooth bangs to frame her face. For her makeup, she applied warm, neutral tones to her eyes and cheeks.

Okay, the dress deserves its moment of appreciation, but the classic smokey eye and tanned cheeks tie the look together like this seamless. Also, the matching flower crown is gorgeous.

To match the colorful dress she wore at this year’s SXSW Conference, Lizzo made a reverse eyeshadow technique that delved into the inner corners of her eyes rather than the outer crease.

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