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New York, USA, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Seven years ago, Ashlee Kleinschmidt discovered a problem in the beauty industry. If women wanted access to professional makeup artists, they essentially had two options: pay a makeup artist to come to their home or find the beauty counter at their local department store.

Not satisfied with either option, Kleinschmidt launched Muah makeup and eyelash baran innovative boutique offering the convenience and affordability of the beauty counter with the world-class quality and personalized treatment of a professional makeup artist.

Despite the arrests and setbacks related to the pandemic, Muah Makeup and Lash Bar continues to grow and thrive thanks to Kleinschmidt’s unique vision.

“The beauty counter was the place to go, but the difference is that the person at the beauty counter is a sales person,” says Kleinschmidt. “They are meant to sell you products.”

Muah makeup and eyelash barinstead, it’s designed specifically for people, not products. Instead of promoting particular skin and makeup treatments, the Muah Makeup and Lash Bar team is trained to connect with each client, listen to their needs and deliver a memorable experience.

“This is really our mission, to connect with our customers, to look them in the eye, to get to know them,” says Kleinschmidt. “It is important to make them feel responsible, to make them feel beautiful”.

By providing each person with a unique beauty experience, Muah Makeup and Lash Bar has generated strong brand loyalty, both for their in-person boutique and their original makeup line.

“Muah Makeup has its own complete skincare line, makeup line and false eyelash line,” says Kleinschmidt. “We have quite a few women nationwide reordering our products, because they are really cool.”

However, what sets Muah Makeup and Lash Bar apart is the makeup bar itself. It’s something that hasn’t been done anywhere in the industry, but it’s a concept that can be reproduced in places across the country, an idea that Kleinschmidt likes.

“I travel a lot to other states, especially along the east coast, and whenever I talk to someone in these areas about what I do, they always tell me: oh my God, do you know how much money you would make here?” says Kleinschmidt. “There are maybe two makeup artists in their area and they’re always booked up. This idea is child’s play. “

Part of the fascination is that Kleinschmidt has expanded the concept of a single artist studio and developed a whole team of professionals. This allows them to connect with more customers and keep their rates affordable.

“Instead of one artist in the studio, we have a whole team of artists available every day of the week, so you always have access to someone to prepare you for your next event,” says Kleinschmidt. “We have a nice outdoor space, the music plays, if you want a sip of sparkling wine or coffee, we have that. We create a truly relaxing, spa-like experience for you to walk in and put on your makeup. “

Part of creating a memorable experience at Muah Makeup and Lash Bar is educating customers on the best ways to use skincare and makeup products.

“Makeup is not something that everyone has been taught to us,” explains Kleinschmidt, adding that over the past couple of years she has heard from many women that they didn’t prioritize makeup or skincare because they stayed at home.

“But it’s not about impressing other people,” says Kleinschmidt. “It’s about taking care of yourself. I feel good for you. “

This is perhaps the greatest strength of Muah makeup and eyelash bar – and what keeps it ready for growth in the coming year. Gone are the days of the beauty counter and product sales. Instead of him, Kleinschmidt has designed a boutique that elevates makeup and beauty into a memorable experience.

“I think we have a really surprising concept,” says Kleinschmidt. “It’s really a place we created for women to come in and feel beautiful, to feel good about themselves.”

Muah Makeup and Lash Bar was founded by Ashlee Kleinschmidt as a makeup bar designed to maximize customer satisfaction and experience. To learn more about their makeup approach and purchase their full line of beauty products, please visit their website today.

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