LANXESS presents its new portfolio to the cosmetics industry for the first time

LANXESS is a leading supplier of high quality ingredients to make cosmetics and personal care products safer, more sustainable and more performing. The multifunctional and active preservatives, fragrances and ingredients are available under the established brands Purox, Kalama, Purolan, Solbrol and Saltidin. Photo: LANXESS AG

LANXESS will showcase its significantly expanded portfolio of cosmetics and care products for the first time at the world’s leading cosmetics trade fair, which will take place in Paris from April 5-7, 2022. The specialty chemicals company offers high-quality solutions that make these products safer, more sustainable, and perform better. The preservatives, fragrances, multifunctional and active ingredients are available under the established brands Purox, Kalama, Purolan, Solbrol and Saltidin.

The Flavors & Fragrances (F&F) business unit, founded by LANXESS following the acquisition of Emerald Kalama Chemical in August 2021, will show up for the first time. The company combines in this business unit the portfolio and experience acquired with existing LANXESS solutions for the production of cosmetic products, previously distributed by es. LANXESS Distribution GmbH.

“Our new flavor and fragrance business focuses on enabling our customers to create formulations that meet the demand for sustainable, skin-friendly and solidly stored products,” he explains. Holger Hueppeler, head of the F&F business unit. “We do this by offering high-purity, easy-to-use ingredients, along with advanced technical and regulatory expertise. We help our customers optimize their formulations and keep up with new consumer trends.”

Additionally, customers can benefit from the benefits of the supply chain, thanks to the company’s strategically placed manufacturing capabilities. ‘The offers acquired perfectly complement our business. We are backward integrated into benzoic acid and benzaldehyde, ensuring our customers superior availability as well as cost and time benefits. We are the only manufacturer with locations on three continents, where production is carried out to the highest industry standards, ’emphasizes Hueppeler.

F&F: sustainable and high-purity solutions for state-of-the-art personal care products

Modern products must be sustainable, with increasingly delicate formulations, eco-friendly packaging and a natural profile. Conventional preservation approaches are not sufficient to achieve effective preservation in modern formulations, as biological exposure, ingredient interactions, water activity, reusable packaging and other aspects push preservatives to their limits.

LANXESS now offers a complete range from a single source to ensure that products are adequately preserved throughout their life cycle, meeting specific sustainability, labeling and formulation requirements.

Kalama, Purox and Solbrol benzoate antimicrobials preserve personal care products with a pH of up to 6.5. They are non-irritating to the skin, are of high purity, identical to nature, readily biodegradable and approved for use under Green Label programs, such as Ecocert COSMOS and Nordic Swan. F & F’s range of preservatives also includes many other chemicals, such as 100% renewable blends.

These antimicrobials are often used in combination with multifunctional and synergistic agents, such as Purolan glycols and Kalama aromatic alcohols, which can improve storage robustness, provide multiple performance characteristics and help shorten INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients) lists. F & F’s portfolio of multifunctional products also includes Purolan isoparaffins, which are used as high-purity alternatives to silicones and improve skin feel, spreadability and conditioning.

LANXESS is now a leading supplier of ingredients for flavorings and fragrances, including cinnamic, linear aldehydes, benzyl products and phlorosol. The product range in the new LANXESS portfolio includes more than 30 aromatic chemicals. These offerings are high purity, consistent, nature identical and deliver earthy, floral, fruity, cinnamic or woody notes.

Optimization of clean labels with multifunctional

A technical seminar will be held at in-cosmetics on April 6, 2022 to 10:25 CEST in Theater 3. ‘A multifunctional Swiss army knife for cosmetic formulations’ will be presented by Matteo KunzeBusiness Development Manager for the F&F business unit in EMEA.

The presentation will provide guidance on how manufacturers can use multifunctional products to optimize personal care formulations, with the goal of increasing shelf life and performance, reducing INCI listings and meeting consumer demand for clean labels.

Saltidin: a proven active ingredient for effective insect repellency

Saltigo GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of LANXESS, is one of the leading suppliers in the field of custom synthesis. The company will also be showcasing its world-tested insect repellent active ingredient at the stand. The active ingredient is of interest not only to insect repellent manufacturers, but also to suppliers of cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations who wish to expand their product portfolio with a valuable health protection product.

Saltidin, with the international non-proprietary name Icaridin (Picaridin), does not harm the insect population as it is not an insecticide. This active ingredient simply repels parasites by effectively acting on the sense of smell of insects in a way that does not disturb humans. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Center for Disease Prevention and Control) recommend the use of insect repellents containing EPA– active ingredients approved such as Icaridin for protection against mosquito bites and associated communicable diseases.

‘Saltidin is a very balanced product, effective against a broad spectrum of insects and ticks. The active ingredient offers an extraordinary combination of efficacy and compatibility with the skin, as well as safety for consumers and the environment “, emphasizes Dr. Nora HofmannGlobal Business Manager Saltidin at Saltigo GmbH.

“Public awareness of various mosquito and tick-borne diseases, as well as the growing need for protection against these bloodsucking anthropods due to climate change, is expected to drive the global growth of the insect repellent market. We want to participate in this and grow with it. our customers “, adds Dr. Christopher SchaffrathMarketing and Sales Manager at Saltigo.

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LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of € 7.6 billion in 2021. The company currently has approximately 14,900 employees in 33 countries. LANXESS core business is the development, production and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics. LANXESS is listed in the main Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI world And Europe) And FTSE4 Well.


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