Kim Taehyung’s airport look with the Mute Boston Bag proves he is a fashion king

Kim Taehyung contributed another iconic airport look to the best of airport fashion archives as the Guinness World Record singer left for the 2022 Grammys and Las Vegas concert on March 28.

BTS V was clicked at Incheon Airport along with RM, Suga, Jin and Jimin. According to Korean media, Jungkook had left earlier for Las Vegas along with staff and J-hope will travel later in April after receiving treatment at home.

Taehyung’s brown blazer look at Incheon Airport restored his “CGV” title as the Korean media couldn’t stop talking about him. Read all below.

‘Fashion King’ Taehyung flaunts her Boston bag muted in merchandise in a vintage airport look

Kim Taehyung once again kept her own word! V, who once said he made his own Boston dumb bag art merchandise himself, kept his word as he flaunted the chic bag at Incheon Airport.

The reigning king of fashion completed his Look with a Dior Vintage blazer, a Jun Takahashi floral shirt from the Japanese brand Undercover, a Chanel brooch, a Louis Vuitton sneaker and a Cartier watch.

BTS V fans hail the singer’s superior airport fashion

V’s airport look has once again taken the media by storm! Fans praise the way Taehyung has seamlessly incorporated the Boston Mute bag as part of his vintage and luxurious look.

Speaking of the fashion king’s impact, one fan exclaimed: “KIM TAEHYUNG FASHION KING! This is really Taehyung, with a brooch, her dumb Boston bag, brown coat, headphones and floral print t-shirt!

A second fan complimented the look fainting, “Nothing is sexier than fashion king Kim Taehyung arriving at the airport with her famous self-designed wetsuit Boston bag! The way the color tone of the bag matches his outfit. damnation! The color of the earth is made for Kim Taehyung! “

“I will hereby crown Kim Taehyung as the king of fashion”, a third fan summary the feelings of the fandom.

A fourth fan of BTS V declared“Taehyung’s fashion game is always on time … he really is a fashion king and I have to admit he is the best among fashion members among BTS members!”

A fifth fan reacted:

BTS will be seen next at Grammys 2022 on April 3 at 8pm EST / April 4 at 9am KST. Next, the group will perform a sold-out four-day concert at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Find out here the dates of the concert. Stream the BTS V focused playlist below.

In other news, Kim Taehyung’s airport look with the Mute Boston Bag proves he’s a fashion king

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