Jamie Dornan on the moment, style and rise of her fashion game with Valentino and Omega

“Dude, I’m a mess for these things,” says Jamie Dornan. “I’m a total mess. As ridiculous as it sounds, I hate being photographed.” At 39, with a career that saw him become one of the greatest male models in the world before acting in everything from Once upon a time to The fall to Belfast—Who is in the running for Best Picture at the Oscars this year — it might seem a little odd that the Northern Irish actor hasn’t fully acclimatized to the limelight. But he thought about it.

“I know people would say, ‘This is what you are signing up for. Bla, bla”He explains when we talk on the phone on the Friday before the broadcast. “But you are not. If getting photographed on the red carpet is the reason you want to be an actor, then you need help. I know it’s all in it and part of it, but that’s not the point. You can still feel uncomfortable. it may still be the part you like least. That is fine. I think I’m getting better with it, but it’s always good when that piece is over. ”

Jamie Dornan

Dornan is adapting to his Valentino tuxedo.

Jeanne Yang / Chloe Takayanagi

Crucial to running the red carpet at the Academy Awards, he says, is something that makes you feel more comfortable in a situation that inherently isn’t. And this year, for the 2022 Oscars, that’s a center-left tux by Valentino. Double-breasted, a little longer than you might be used to and generally longer cold compared to average black tie tailoring, it was exactly what Dornan and his team were looking for on the big Hollywood night.

“For the Oscars, we wanted Jamie to have a look that combined her elegant, relaxed style with expert tailoring in the way only Valentino can,” says Dornan designer Jeanne Yang. “I chose Valentino because we knew that Pierpaolo Piccioli’s modern interpretation of menswear was perfect for Jamie as she is a modern movie star.”

valentino di Dornan's look on the coat rack before the main event

Dornan’s Valentino look on the coat rack before the main event.


For his part, Dornan appreciates not only the aesthetic aspects, but also the more functional ones. “It’s very nice and very comfortable too,” he says. “Which is important when you sit in a chair for more than four hours while the Oscars continue and everything to come after. Hence, comfort is pretty basic. Not only does it hopefully look great and have a great photograph, but also a great feeling, which is the nice little plus. ”

In addition to the tuxedo, there is also a watch. It is an Omega Speedmaster ’57, a stainless steel chronograph that manages to bridge the gap between instrument watches “given to work” and the elegance of “I go to the Oscars and I should probably look like him”. Dornan is officially working with Omega now, but the origins of the partnership are genuinely organic. “I was one of those people who said, ‘Why do you need a watch?’” He says. But on its third anniversary – the theme, for those at home, is “leather” – Dornan and his wife, Amelia Warner, bought another vintage Omega Seamaster with leather straps. His was a 1969. His, a 1972. “And then we opened the same Omega box, they both opened the same watch,” he says. “It was crazy. And that then started the slippery climb once you have an affinity for watches. And now I love them.”

Jamie Dornan Oscar

Yang gives Dornan the finishing touches on her dress.


Despite his desire for comfort, there is a concession to red carpet glitz that Dornan is willing to make. See, he likes that his watch fits better – “I actually like it to leave a bit of a mark, if I’m honest” – but it won’t work when you take a picture of yourself. “You’re wearing something on the red carpet, you need it to go below the cuff line,” he explains. “So you wear it wider. I know I’ll spend the night shaking my wrist to make sure it’s there. The reality is that I probably wish I would at least one link removed from it for personal use, but of course I’m willing to put those comfortable feelings aside. for an occasion like the Oscars.

Jamie Dornan Oscar 2022

Dornan and Warner on their way to the 2022 Oscars ceremony.


And while he shakes his wrist from time to time, Dornan seems ready to stay in the right mind throughout the evening. “Style for me is all about comfort and safety,” he says. “And I couldn’t stand there in something that didn’t feel like it was me and make it. I would seem too clumsy. I would seem to want the red carpet to swallow me whole. So if I feel something that is elegant, trendy, very Valentino, but me too, then it’s a win ”.

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