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Iris Apfel is living proof that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. Today, at the age of 100, she launches a fashion collection with retail giant H&M. Yet she, until the age of 84, she had never worked professionally in fashion as a stylist or model; her career was in interior decoration. Her boldly contrasting, boldly patterned lei dresses were so iconic, however, that in 2005 she was asked to stage a solo show, displaying her lei collection of clothing and costume jewelery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and was immediately launched. in fame.

Apfel is a real eccentric, he doesn’t apologize for the rowdy clothes or for being “too much”. His Instagram page proclaims, “More is more, the less boring” and his new collection is delightfully chaotic, bordering on the surreal. Block silhouettes and thick textures meet bold colors and crazy patterns.

The collection was released on Thursday and most of the pieces sold out during the hour I was writing this. This is a real shame, since bugs, frogs, and veggies are all featured, perfectly themed for the Seder. However, you can definitely plan next year’s outfit and hope to be able to track down some.

In all honesty, I’m not sure I have the self-control to wear clothes which is that much of a statement; I’m more of an earth tone girl. But I aspire for more, so come join me on a tour of some of Iris Apfel’s most delightfully flamboyant and quintessential pieces from her new collection as I daydream about winning the best dress at next year’s Easter table.

Earrings, bracelet, necklace and frog ring **

I know many homes have a tradition of making pestilent-themed centerpieces, often with plastic toys or inexpensive designs. Go one step further with this sparkly frog jewelry set – you don’t even need pierced ears for earrings, they’re clip-ons. The necklace and bracelet are made of chunky plastic instead of rhinestones if that’s more your style. Plastic or shiny, frogs are adorable.

Necklace with detachable sparkly insect brooch, belt and MATCHING BROCADE SHOES ?!

OK, I think this is a beetle, not a locust. Definitely close enough, though. You can wear the necklace as a brooch instead if you want, plus there’s an amazing belt that connects to two huge beetles going head to head on a sparkling ball. And the matching shoes, moccasin style, bright yellow brocade with rhinestone beetles on top? Truly a work of art.

Engage in a plague for your clothing, mix and match – either way, you’re covered.

Flounced jacket

I mean, look at this foamy masterpiece – it’s basically the Red Sea in the form of a jacket. Imagine it with me: at the right moment in the Seder, you strike a pose, opening your jacket and opening the Red Sea to reveal whatever awesome stuff you have underneath. I dream of being able to make it.

This colorful and oversized patterned shirt and pants set

Maybe this is the cool outfit you wear under the Red Sea jacket? After all, Apfel is all about the power struggle. He thinks of the bright flowers as a sign of the Promised Land the Jews were escaping into and the yellow spot on the dress as a symbol of the desert they had to cross.

The iconic peapod outfit

Can sweet peas count as karpa on the Seder plate? Let’s just say yes for the sake of being able to wear this absolutely insane pea-themed suit with pearlescent beads sewn for every single pea in its pods growing over the matching blazer and pants. Maybe pair it with some beetle and frog jewelry (or this caterpillar bracelet) to evoke a rich garden and the promise of warmth and growth inherent in this spring break. There are also moccasins in brocade of frog and pea.

Alternatively, go for the pea theme with the pea earrings and statement necklace.

Or, honestly, in the spirit of Iris Apfel, pair it with matzo pajamas – power clashes and bold motifs are, after all, her signature.

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