I’m a beauty expert: 6 skincare tips to keep you looking youthful and why looking young isn’t the most realistic goal to have

Co-founder and CEO of beauty brand S’eau Prima Karen Hayes has revealed her top tips for maintaining youthful skin.

She said knowingly applying certain ingredients to the skin can go a long way, but she noted that skincare isn’t just about looking younger.

Skin care is more than just looking younger than you are, according to Karen Hayes, CEO of S'eau Prima


Skin care is more than just looking younger than you are, according to Karen Hayes, CEO of S’eau PrimaCredit: Getty
He recommended using hypochlorous acid, an ingredient of the rising star, to relieve a number of skin problems


He recommended using hypochlorous acid, an ingredient of the rising star, to relieve a number of skin problemsCredit: PAUL DE LUNA / S’eau Prima


“While there are some ingredients that can give you instant satisfaction, the best results come from consistency, just like exercise and eating right will benefit you in the long run when you stick to a routine, not so much after just one workout or salad.” Hayes explained.

“The people I know with the best skin have a routine and stick with it.”

However, if you are looking for a revolutionary ingredient, Hayes recommends trying hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

Hypochlorous acid is naturally produced by the body and is used to fight harmful bacteria and infections that enter the body.

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When used as a topical skin treatment, it is thought to accelerate the healing of skin damage, reduce swelling, redness and inflammation of the skin, and help prevent acne.

It’s such an impressive ingredient that it’s the foundation of S’eau Prima’s inaugural product: The Foundational Face Mist.

“When [S’eau Prima’s co-founder and creative director] Sibyl [Steele] he told me about HOCl, I admit I’m a bit skeptical, but I saw the benefits pretty quickly, ”Hayes recalled.

“The most immediate and noticeable change was that it kept my usual monthly hormonal acne at bay.

“I’ve also suffered from eczema for most of my life, and when I had a small flare-up, HOCl eradicated it.”


Hayes said cleansing is a vital step in skincare routines because it’s so beneficial.

Therefore, he pleaded that people do not forget about it.

“It sounds basic, but skin cleansing is not only important for removing makeup, but also for eliminating bacteria and any invisible environmental debris that you come into contact with during the day.

“Cleansing also helps remove free radicals, which can severely age the skin by breaking down collagen,” he noted.

Hayes added that while it is a “must” for keeping skin clean, people should be aware that it is possible to over-cleanse.

To avoid this, she doesn’t clean herself every time she pampers her face.

“In the morning, assuming I washed my face the night before, I prefer to use The Foundational Face Mist instead of a cleanser.

“This will cleanse the skin of bacteria that grow overnight (yes, it happens to everyone), and will also rebalance the skin so that it better absorbs the moisturizer and other active ingredients (like in a serum) and SPF,” he disclosed.


Skin care trends come and go, but moisturizer is forever, according to Hayes.

He said the only thing that could change is how much someone needs at different times of the year.

“Hydration levels fluctuate, so the formula you need in January may be different than what your skin needs in July.

“The skin changes with time, with age and with the environment,” he explained.


In addition to the moisturizer, Hayes said SPF is always needed.

“I started wearing SPF in my 20s, and it’s paying dividends now that I’m 40,” he said.

He added that “it’s never too late to start” by wearing it regularly.

“The risk of sun damage only increases and that has consequences for both health and beauty,” he noted.


In another skincare tip, Hayes stated that antioxidants can work wonders for your skin.

“I think everyone can benefit from adding antioxidants to their skincare routine, whether in a moisturizer or a serum,” she said.

“Antioxidants do a lot of good things for you, but most of all they fight free radical damage that comes from the sun, screens and even dust.

“A steady dose of antioxidants (even eating them helps!) Will help the skin retain collagen and more.”

He added that his valuable antioxidant treatment is Vitamin C Serum.


Starting a multi-step skincare routine may seem daunting to some, but Hayes noted that it doesn’t take as long as you think.

She said understanding the purpose of each step “makes it less overwhelming” and that a healthy skincare routine can only take three minutes.

“Wash your face, spray a mist, apply a serum, moisturize, apply an eye cream and lip balm and finish with SPF,” she said.

Continuing on the importance of skin care, she said, “Some people think of skin care as vanity, but it’s really an extension of health and self-care.

“Our skin is our largest organ and it needs to be treated!”


Although Hayes is full of tips for maintaining skin youth, she noted that she doesn’t believe “going back in time” on the skin is a realistic goal for people.

“Our bodies, including our skin, reflect how we treat them over time,” he said.

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“A better goal, my goal, is to look like the most rested and hydrated version of ourselves.

“Like how we take care of a two week vacation.”

Hayes noted that people should always have SPF, even if they won't spend time outdoors


Hayes noted that people should always have SPF, even if they won’t spend time outdoorsCredit: Getty

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