I tried J Lo’s hairstylist hack for a chic and elegant middle parted bun

Chris Appleton pulled her hair back from Tiktok

Chris Appleton pulled her hair back from Tiktok

  • Jennifer Lopez hairstylist Chris Appleton recently posted a tutorial on getting the perfect middle part bun on TikTok.

  • All you need is hair spray and some hair ties to create a stylish look.

  • A publisher tried the hack and shares it before and after photos.

I often scroll through Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok in search of the latest beauty trends, and one hairstyle I’ve kept seeing over and over is the smoothed bun. Every celebrity from Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid wears the look, and for good reason – the hairstyle is perfect for both oily hair days and fancy events alike. It seems all hot girls have mastered the art of the smooth middle parted bun and I was desperate for a club invite.

However, it seemed like every time I tried the hairstyle I ended up with bumps in my hair that wouldn’t stay loose no matter what I did. Luckily for me, celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton recently posted a video on TikTok where he demonstrated how to get the mid-section bun perfectly ripped. I’ve tried it on my own, and it’s safe to say my slicked back hairstyles have never looked so good.

To try it out, I started by dividing my hair into two sections. “This is the secret that nobody makes,” Appleton says in the video. I cut a triangular strand of hair on the crown of the head and clipped it to keep it out of the way. Next, I saturated my roots with Unite Max Control Spray ($ 31) and brushed my hair into a smooth, ripped ponytail. I made sure to follow the line of my cheekbone when I pulled the ponytail back because Appleton says it’s the best way to make your face look lifted. He’ll say: It was a lot easier to pull my hair into a ponytail without having to worry about the fronts, which I realized were the main issue when trying to get rid of any bumps.

After my ponytail was set, I unclipped the top triangular section of the hair and cleaned my middle part using a ponytail comb to make sure it was completely straight. Next, I added the hairspray to the front and saturated the roots like I did before. I then gathered the rest of my hair into a ponytail, securing it with a little elastic ($ 7 for 1,000), and brushed it all off with the Diane Club Brush ($ 7) to make sure it was smooth.

Next, I twisted my ponytail and wrapped it in the bun. Following Appleton’s advice, I left out the tips of the hair and secured the rest of the bun with a little elastic. Then I went over and cleaned all the debris with a toothbrush and some hairspray.

chris appleton tiktok cut the bun

chris appleton tiktok cut the bun

In the end, while I haven’t been left with a smooth hairstyle like Appleton’s, the tips and tricks definitely worked to make my hair 10x better than before. His trick of splitting my hair into two sections has definitely helped me cut down on bumps and curls, and I’ve used it every time I do a straight hairstyle. He made a huge difference.

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