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Former Britain’s next supermodel competitor and former club night organizer, Sim0ne is now a DJ from TikToking. Playing a mix of court icons like Kylie, Lady Gaga and Charli XCX, while dressed from head to toe in Fiorucci, is just an ordinary day in Sim0ne’s life. Not only has she been seen modeling for Karl Lagerfeld or spotted in The 1975 music videos, but since the pandemic, Sim0ne has thrived with her online content and continued to explore DJing. As a disco and house fanatic, she is now illuminating her follow-up on her love of music with mixes and social content.

What was your first career as a DJ or as a model?

I started modeling doing small shoots for clothing brands in Edinburgh when I was a teenager and then I was discovered at 21. When I was in university, I immediately started modeling. I always thought about starting late enough to model because the climate was a little different with girls starting at 15, but now I look back and realize that I was still very young to travel the world and find myself in these situations.

I didn’t learn DJing myself until lockdown where I had the confidence to start learning, but I’ve always been within the scene. I used to have clubbing nights during university in Edinburgh and ended up helping start the FLY festival. Either way, I realized I could just learn in my room because I was going to be here for the foreseeable future. I really wanted to make sure people knew I respected the music industry and had paid my dues by learning to mix properly and beat matches. I was like, ‘no one can see me as a sexy girl behind bridges.’ After learning on my own and once I felt comfortable, I started getting booked for the shows. It was also nice to have a moment where I didn’t have any modeling jobs coming up. We had no idea when the block would end, so I might as well have stopped working as a model; so I had to see what the next thing I wanted to do would be. I wish I’d started earlier, but maybe the block was the perfect time to start looking into it. It always felt like a boys’ club, especially the techno scene. I always felt like, even if I was in that social environment, I didn’t feel confident enough to put myself behind the scenes.

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Do the world of DJing and modeling work well together?

There has always been a link between fashion and music. They are indefinitely intertwined with each other. Many of the DJs I am inspired by are from both worlds, like Peggy Gou who started in fashion obviously, Virgil Abloh and Dimitri From Paris mixed for Chanel shows.

I recently played at the Motel Rocks Christmas party which was really cool. It was great to be able to play at those parties because I usually go there. So, going and DJing was great. Since I already have these brand relationships and know a lot of PR people from my modeling, they slip into my DMs. Also, as these are usually fashion events, they can dress you as well as you can be a part of the event.

It’s nice to see a lot more women go into DJing because modeling is a female-dominated industry, so seeing them branch out into other industries is fantastic. As I said before, it looked like a boys’ club, but I’m not sure anymore as you have these mega DJs like Nina Kraviz and Peggy. I just think a lot more women get behind the scenes. Modeling was Kate Moss and she smoked cigarettes, while now she is more Gigi Hadid and drinks fruit juices. You can’t really go clubbing without planning.

How do you think social media has supported the rise of fashion and DJing?

I’ve seen so many people finally express themselves through social media and go into DJing because it’s a way of expressing themselves. So is modeling in a strange way. With DJing, you do it more for yourself, while with modeling you do it for someone else.

How does it make you feel working in both career areas?

It’s great to be able to do everything I’ve ever wanted – it’s very fulfilling. Every DJ show feels like a big milestone and I still love modeling. I’m so thankful for modeling because I’ve been able to do great things like work on the Juicy Couture campaign last year. But I’ve been doing this for 10 years now and I’ve done most of the industries like runways and TV commercials. DJing is really cool; I am a little prouder of what I do now and I feel much more successful.

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