Hymnologie makes her Canadian debut and other beauty news

Photo courtesy of Hymnologie

Our new line of favorite Ayurvedic skincare products, plus other beauty news you missed this week.

The Ayurvedic line of Hymnologie skin care products is launched in Canada

Courtesy of Hymnologie

When dentist Jigyasa Sharma moved to Canada from India with her husband and two children in December 2020, she was desperate for natural and effective skincare products, like the ones her mother had been making for her in the kitchen for years. “During my teenage years, I struggled with really bad acne and my mom always made me these Ayurvedic recipes – picking fresh flowers and turning them into pastes and having them applied to my skin,” Sharma reveals on Zoom. When she first arrived in Canada, the idea of ​​continuing that homely and time-consuming tradition in which she grew up seemed out of reach being she in a new country on top of the demands of a busy family and career. “It was then that she began the beginning of Hymnologie.”

Rooted in centenary Ayurvedic formulas (rituals of the ancient Indian healing system), Sharma works with organic farmers located in the valleys of the Himalayas to source the purest and most natural plant extracts for its line of 8 products. “We bring the integrity of the whole plant: we cold process the nuts and seeds to obtain those oils, we pulverize sun-dried flowers and leaves and create steam distillation methods to make [flower waters]. There is very little processing behind the formulation of these products, “he explains. Housed in dark glass containers to preserve the shelf life of the products (no plastic packaging here), the Hymnologie regimen consists of an exfoliating mask of luxury, face mist, serums, face creams, eye care and body oil after shower. Plus: Hymnologie has pledged to donate five percent of all profits to The Legacy of Hope Foundation, a indigenous-led organization working to promote healing and reconciliation in Canada.

Ilia Beauty’s famous Multi-Sticks are now available in new shades

Courtesy of Ilia Beauty

Ilia’s cult classic line of DIY Multi-Sticks just got better. The brand has just launched four new twist-up tube grooves, bringing its existing seven-color assortment to a stunning twelve-tone range. Suitable for use on cheeks, lips and eyes, these blendable sticks offer that perfect dose of dewy, just a little tinted appearance with just a few fingertips. No tools are needed here. A fan of beauty on the go? These formulas enriched with avocado oil and shea butter are a must try.

Sulwhasoo unveils its reformulated line of renewal with concentrated ginseng

Courtesy of Sulwhasoo

For more than 55 years, skin care brand K-beauty Sulwhasoo has harnessed the power of ginseng, a potent botanical that has been praised for its antioxidant, immune and circulation-stimulating properties for centuries. Further research on the multiple benefits of ginseng on the skin led Sulwhasoo to improve the effectiveness of its iconic Concentrated Ginseng Renewing collection. This new launch features reformulated editions of the Firming Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream, Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Water rich in antioxidants and Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Emulsion targeting fine lines.

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