How to travel: Sheryl Lee Ralph collects beauty tips in every country

Jamaica. When they say “Do it again in Jamaica”, I could do it in Jamaica again and again and again and again, from the Blue Mountains to the beach, to the hills of Mandeville, oh my god, to the whole Negril experience. The food on the street, the food in some of the pop-up restaurants, the clothes that are made up, the woven baskets, the weavers that have the intricate style, the women and how they approach their natural beauty as African descendants. My mother was Jamaican and lived in Kingston, so I am in the city a lot, but I love to take off and hit the beaches. I just hope they don’t keep privatizing the beaches and giving their best to tourists, because I think everyone should have access to the beauty of Jamaica. There is one place in Jamaica that I think is very underrated, and that is Port Antonio. It takes a while to get to Port Antonio, but once you get there … it’s great.

What kind of packing machine is it:

I’m the worst. The day before my trip, I never packed my bags and I’m nervous thinking I’ve forgotten something. The day I get home, I’m the worst because I don’t know how to unpack. And I’m the packer who always carries an extra foldable bag, because I know I’m going to buy treasures.

The things he packs in his hand luggage:

Every kind of plug you can imagine, because sometimes when you get on some planes, you have to have the other kind of plug, and I like to stay connected. If it’s a long journey, I’ll bring one of those face masks to keep me hydrated and hydrated. I can’t say enough how important it is to try and drink some water with your cocktail when in flight.

How you spend your time in flight:

I love foreign films. I don’t care if they are Japanese, Korean, French or Canadian, I like to discover a foreign film to see how other people see the world through their lenses.

His favorite places around the world to shop:

I can shop anywhere. I’m that person who can walk into the $ 1.25 store and spend $ 125. It can be in London, when they would have those rows and rows of stalls, and you could find just about anything you were looking for. Back in the days when people wore fur, I found the most amazing fur that every time I wore it people would say, “Oh my god, you’re awesome.” I know it was the coat they were looking at. I remember. I remember I was somewhere and there were piles of real pashmina, and when I compared what I have thought it was pashmina, it was just amazing, breathtaking. I tell people, don’t forget to shop in your garden. I came to Vancouver, I’m here often because I shot a series called here Homeland: Fort Salem– and I discovered a luxury resale shop and you get these Chanel, Vuitton, anything used lightly or delicately. They just finished with such care. It is called Turnabout Luxury Resale. I love it! This is one of the best laundries we can do is recycle your fashion, clean up your wardrobe, sell it off, give it away.

Your travel pet irritates:

I can’t stand it when backpackers forget how big their backpacks are, then walk down the aisle of the plane and knock you down with their backpack. And they don’t even realize they hit someone!

The hotel services you are always looking for:

Make-up removers. Stop acting like only men need shoe polishers! We need makeup removers. Thanks.

Upcoming trips on his roster:

There are three places. My niece is getting married, a destination wedding in Italy, so we all go to Sorrento. A friend of mine said that for my big birthday he would take me to Paris. Well, that was four years ago! So let’s go to Paris. And then another friend died and his partner said, “You have to come with me to London to scatter his ashes, because that’s what he wanted.” These are the three things I am doing. And of course, I’ll be back and forth to Jamaica.

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