How to eat for your zodiac sign, according to a certified nutritionist

wWhile eating a balanced mix of nutrient-rich foods is universally beneficial, doing so certainly doesn’t seem the same for all people. That is, the best nutrition plan for you it depends, in part, on your lifestyle, temperament and preferences. And because astrology can shed light on those personal qualities, you can use your birth chart to help define a nutritional approach that vibrates with your personality. A useful starting point? Your sun sign, or the sign you would normally read in a horoscope, is the one that speaks to your primary identity. Understanding how to eat for this zodiac sign means honoring their energy both in the foods and drinks you choose and in the way you consume them.

According to certified astrologer and nutritionist Claire Gallagher, author of Body astrologythis is crucial not it means identifying certain foods your sign needs to eat. Indeed, this is a slippery slope for sign-based stereotypes (for example, an Aries needs to eat spicy foods, or a Cancer will always appreciate baked goods), which can quickly veer towards the diet and culture pitfall of the “eat this, but don’t” Don’t eat it, “Gallagher says.

Nutrition gestures are the general types of foods and eating styles that are most likely to resonate with each zodiac sign based on its overall vibe.

Instead, she says, it’s more about considering how (and not what) to eat for your zodiac sign, in terms of what she calls “nutritional gestures.” These are the general types of foods and eating styles that are most likely to resonate with each sign based on its general atmosphere and the parts of the body it governs. Nutritional gestures are deliberately broad, such as “resilience” for Aries and “balance” for Libra, so that any person of any sign can take that idea and interpret it in a way that makes nutritional sense for them. she says. After all, the most important food habit for people to any a sign is all-round nourishment, however it may come.

Read on to find the nutrition gesture for your zodiac sign, as well as Gallagher’s customizable information on how to eat for your sign accordingly.

How to eat for your zodiac sign’s particular energy, according to a certified nutritionist and astrologer


Nutritional gesture: Resilience

How to eat: A cardinal sign ruled by Mars, you tend to start things off with a strong spark, but that can easily fade over time if not replenished. And this is where resilience comes into play as a guiding principle for creating a nutritional practice. It’s important to eat for energy, whatever it means to you, says Gallagher: “From a food standpoint, I want you to feel supported in all of your adventures.” This could mean focusing on fiber or protein at each meal to keep you energized throughout the day.


Nutritional gesture: Pleasure

How to eat: You feel all things, always, as the sign perhaps most in contact with all five senses. As a result, a delicious dining experience, in terms of atmosphere, smell, and even the plate of food, can bring you as much joy as any particular food itself. This is why Gallagher suggests focusing on the quality of pleasure and immersing yourself in food as a source of sensational fun. Perhaps this means prioritizing the fancy booking, or perhaps treating yourself to something divinely decadent when the time comes.


Nutritional gesture: Adaptable

How to eat: Your sign is flexible, playful, and dynamic, so why shouldn’t your nutrition practice be too? “Strict dietary rules generally don’t work for a Gemini,” Gallagher says. “If you find that your taste changes with your mood, then it’s best to lean on this: instead of planning or preparing meals, maybe you go to the market every day and just pick what looks good to you, it’s just as good,” she says. . Likewise, it can be helpful to eat smaller meals more often or on the go, instead of trying to adjust your schedule to set meal times.


Nutritional gesture: Comfort

How to eat: Since cancer rules the midsection, including the breasts, rib cage, and uterus, you may find it important to feel safe, instinctively, in a food environment. This is where comfort as a nutritional gesture comes in – taking steps to calm any swirling thoughts or stressors before eating and surrounding yourself with loved ones during a meal can help you digest more easily, says Gallagher. “Or, comfort could also literally mean knowing which foods feel good in your body and which ones make you uncomfortable, and letting that guide you,” she says.


Nutritional gesture: Hearth)

How to eat: As a fixed fire sign, you bring a lot of heat to the party, and this is where Gallagher derived this mash-up of heart (the body part Leo rules over) and hearth. “It’s about food as a means of celebrating and gathering,” Gallagher says. “You may find joy in bringing people together, sharing food and even being a little extra with your food, whether that literally means looking for fancy toppings or the finishing touch, or setting the table in a special way.”


Nutritional gesture: Instinct

How to eat: Nutrition is probably a big deal for you in some way, shape or form, as Virgo rules the digestive system. Due to your analytical nature, you may find that when you focus on food, things become numeric: “Virgo has a tendency to get stuck keeping track of what they eat, or tracking calories or macronutrients,” Gallagher says. “But this doesn’t tend to be therapeutic and can actually separate you from your gut by knowing when it comes to food,” he says. To get back in touch with it, you need to trust yourself, not an app or diet, to know what’s most nutritious for you.


Nutritional gesture: Equilibrium

How to eat: Symbolized by Libra, your sign has a penchant for balance and this definitely extends to the way you eat. From a nutrition standpoint, that could mean focusing on balancing blood sugar levels, Gallagher says, perhaps making sure you eat at regular intervals and choose stabilizing foods rich in whole grains or healthy fats. Or, it could mean more broadly considering the balance on your plate at each meal, reflecting a mix of denser and lighter foods. In any case, Gallagher cautions against any version of the food rating for Libra: If you find that you are mentally labeling foods as good or bad, cultivating neutral food talk will also help you return to a balanced state.


Nutritional gesture: Transformation

How to eat: As with Virgo, your sign is closely related to digestion: while Virgo rules the stomach and small intestine, Scorpio rules the colon … and the transformation that takes place in it. “With Scorpio, the goal is to help the body turn food into energy,” says Gallagher. So, your nutrition plan may prioritize probiotic-rich fermented foods, along with fiber-rich prebiotic foods to get things moving and regular. Just be careful not to enter the house also much about what needs to come out, says Gallagher: “Scorpios may be attracted to intense ‘detox’ diets, but this is bound to make you worse from wear and tear.”


Nutritional gesture: Exploration

How to eat: “Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, which is essentially fire in motion,” says Gallagher. And that same spirited spirit also drives the adventurous Sagittarian approach to food. “Nutritionally exploration can literally mean exploring foods you’re not familiar with and even making that food journey a part of your normal life,” she says. And it could also mean experimenting with foods that have different effects on your nervous system, perhaps looking for relaxing foods when you’re feeling anxious or grabbing stimulating or energizing foods when you’re lazy, she adds.


Nutritional gesture: Livelihood

How to eat: Your slow planetary ruler, Saturn, is all about long-term perseverance. And for you to do the same and embody your values ​​around hard work, it’s also helpful to orient your nutritional approach around sustenance. That often means prioritizing nutrient- and protein-rich foods that will really help you go the distance, says Gallagher. Likewise, bone-building foods like nuts, salmon, and leafy greens are also bound to make the grocery list, as Capricorn rules bones and joints.


Nutritional gesture: Autonomy

How to eat: If you’ve nearly passed your section thinking you already know what’s right for you, then you may, in fact, be right. Aquarius has never been a sign to follow books, and an equally self-contained approach to food may be your best bet. “Be your own expert and your authority to find what works for you,” says Gallagher. And when you sit down to eat a meal, try turning off or blocking out any surrounding technology or noise: “Aquarius can be very sensitive to electricity, energy and technology, which can interfere with their ability to enjoy. culinary experience “. says Gallagher.


Nutritional gesture: Freedom

How to eat: As a sign of changing water, you may feel the need to expand beyond the constraints and boundaries defined by others. “Try giving yourself the unconditional freedom to eat what you would like to eat and see how that changes your relationship with food,” says Gallagher. Since Pisces tend to absorb the energy of others, you might also consider using nourishment as a way to fortify your energy boundaries and your immune system, he adds, “Food can be your steady anchor in the water.”

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