How personalized beauty can “turn a £ 50 skin cream into a £ 200 treatment”

Who doesn’t want to feel unique? Whether it’s a luxury monogrammed gift or just having your name scribbled on a takeaway coffee mug, there’s something undeniably tempting about personalization. Now it’s beauty’s turn to be bespoke, with a host of fantastic new innovations that promise a truly bespoke approach.

It’s not just about stroking your ego. Personalized beauty is also designed to be more effective. After all, when a product or service is tailor-made for you, you’d reasonably expect it to be reflected in your results.

Here are some of the latest ways to upgrade your regimen from scratch to bespoke.

The bespoke skincare booster

Have you heard of wine filtration gadgets that transform a £ 5 bottle of plonk into something that tastes vintage? Now imagine the skin care equivalent. Reduced thrust£ 179 but currently available for pre-order for £ 125.30 here, it’s a device that promises to make your favorite products work more effectively for your skin’s individual needs.

“With the push of a button you can take a £ 50 cream and give it the potential to be as effective as a £ 200 treatment,” promises Réduit founder Paul Peros.

Reduced thrust
Réduit Boost promises to make your skin care products even more effective

Instead of using your fingertips, you use the Réduit Boost device to rub the products into the skin to optimize absorption. Peros explains: “Reduit Boost uses an app to identify the most effective active ingredients in each skin care product and uses waveforms to push them to their optimum depth. For example, antioxidants need to reach the deeper layers. of the epidermis, while the illuminating and moisturizing active ingredients belong to the intermediate layers “.

Boost also adapts its algorithm to factors such as age, gender and skin type, creating what Peros calls “a skincare regimen in a billion”. Réduit Boost is compatible with all face creams, serums or masks (but not cleansers): update the app every time you add a new product to your skincare routine.

The unique skin chemistry test

The microbiome is a huge buzzword, with science recognizing how the unique mix of bacteria that live on our face affects skin health. Skin Trust Club goes a step further by offering a home microbiome swab test, then using the results to suggest a personalized skincare routine.

“Our app gives you a unique skin microbiome score based on test results, personal lifestyle factors and environmental data based on your location,” explains Fin Murray, MD of Labskin, the technology behind the service. . Members are then recommended products from a range of brands, paired with their individual microbiome. There is no purchase obligation.

Skin Trust Club model
Skin Trust Club uses a home microbiome swab test to create your personalized regimen

“We only work with brands that meet our science-based criteria,” adds Murray. “These currently include Tula, Gallinée, Plantkos, Aurelia London, Seabody, Nunaïa, Esse, BFYW, High Beauty, Dermala and BE + Radiance. We are actively recruiting more so that we can offer more choice and at different prices. The customer will certainly save money by purchasing products suitable for his specific skin type. They can also monitor how a routine works for them, no more guesswork. “

The Skin Trust Club microbiome test normally costs £ 75 and checks every three months are recommended. However, OK! Readers can get a free microbiome test in April by visiting Go to the Plans page, click on Single Test and use the REACH code at checkout – all you have to pay is the P&P. Hurry though, it’s for up to 1,000 tests and the offer expires April 30, 2022.

Philips Sonicare Prestige, £ 299 here

Philips Sonicare Prestige
Philips Sonicare Prestige works with an AI app on your phone to optimize brushing

Less toothbrush, more personal dental coach, this monitor tracks your cleaning performance in real time via an AI phone app, adjusts to your brushing style and tells you when to move on to the next mouth section.

Leading dentist Dr. Zainab Al-Mukhtar tells us she recommends toothbrushing to all her clients, as it not only cleans better, but also prevents over-brushing, which can damage the gums. “Overbrushing is an issue that I have seen a lot recently and I think it is related to the stress of the pandemic,” she says.

eSalon, tints from £ 20 here, Aura hair care from £ 30 here

Aura hair care
eSalon now offers custom hair care products and color products

In addition to mixing bespoke hair dyes, eSalon now offers Aura custom hair care products. There is a choice of shampoos, conditioners and masks tailored to your fragrance and tone balance preferences, perfect for helping your color last longer.

Function of Beauty, £ 19 formulas here

Function of beauty body lotion
Function of Beauty Body Lotion is just one of several customized products available

This website offers literally millions of individual hair, body and skincare formulations, where you choose what goes (and doesn’t) in your bespoke bottle.

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