Hosful Collective features Ohio stylists and fashion creators

Lindsey Drahos opened the Hosful Collective retail boutique on Parsons Avenue in August 2020 to help retailers and designers during the pandemic.

For many new entrepreneurs, the pandemic represented an opportunity to do something they have long wanted or turn a hobby into a full-fledged operation.

But for Lindsey Drahos, the pandemic has led to a desire to lend a hand to small retailers facing challenges.

Hosful Collective opened on Parsons Avenue in Olde Towne East in August 2020, just as other businesses were closing. It was an uncertain time, but it became an opportunity for Drahos to provide an accessible path for small businesses to turn it into a showcase.

“We created a space to give other entrepreneurs the ability to have a brick and mortar shop and window display, without the overhead of a window,” said Drahos. “So that when all of these stores could close, they were able to take their brand and put it in one space without having to pay the full rent.”

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