Hair Stylist revolutionizes the beauty industry on its own

Provide mobile beauty services at your fingertips!

Since the pandemic emerged, personal safety, hygiene, e-commerce and mobile services have become of the utmost importance for all families around the world. Sarah Lillian, founder and CEO of Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons, took this change to heart. You realize that the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we function in society. This shift is creating a huge shift in how beauty companies are able to grow and evolve.

Sarah has owned a mobile beauty business since 2005. During this time, her mobile beauty business has enabled her to serve a diverse clientele, including direct-to-home customers, families, events and Hollywood celebrities. Six years ago she envisioned and started working on a mobile beauty app that would provide beauty services and products to anyone, anywhere. She didn’t know that she would launch the app in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. People around the world continue to demand high security protocols. However, conventional salons that have customers gathered in one space do not provide it. Of course, the big downside to all of this for the beauty industry is that many of these conventional salons are suffering a lot because they are still operating an outdated business model. This model limits luxury, safety, comfort and the ability to climb because their income is limited by the number of chairs available in the salon. It’s no wonder so many salons are changing their business models to incorporate mobile beauty services into their physical businesses.

The Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons app is an innovative version of how the salon industry can manage services. The booking system allows mobile salons to operate without competition via geographic location within the app. The Mobile Salon Booking System is available to both hairdressers and salon owners. They can develop their own mobile beauty businesses, sell products, get their own unique booking buttons for their locations, socialize and easily manage their businesses with their proprietary Hyper-Location Target marketing system.

Since the Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons app launched in August 2021, its popularity has been growing nationwide. There are many uses for it, including mobile beauty services, socializing, shopping for beauty products, or for business development purposes. This beauty app is aimed at both people seeking beauty services and entrepreneurs alike.

If you are a hairdresser or salon owner looking for a comprehensive business development support system, this is the app you can rely on. The Hair Everywhere Mobile Salons app supports all its users by offering a smooth, easy to use and intuitive experience. It’s an all-in-one platform for growing your mobile beauty business and maximizing profitability. Clients benefit from the convenience and luxury offered by mobile beauty services. Some argue that the app itself works somewhat like an Uber for beauty services. We are impressed that a single hairdresser has created a technology that could forever change the way beauty services operate.

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