Gigi Hadid on Creative Expression, her new clothing line and protagonist of the new H&M campaign


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Gigi Hadid knows a thing or two about hotels. After traversing the world for work and pleasure, the supermodel is used to living out of a suitcase during fashion month or flying in for some well-deserved relaxation after the season. However, her wildest journey to date has led her to a destination accessible only in fantasies.

As the new star of the H&M campaign, Hadid serves as the concierge at Hotel Hennes, a fictional resort dedicated to crazy adventures. A talented host, she guides Jill Korteleve, Precious Lee, Devyn Garcia and others into a surreal setting filled with campy humor and approachable fashion. The film, directed by Bardia Zeinali, centers on the joy of travel, a topic that Hadid found current after the years of restrictions and isolation of the coronavirus pandemic. “I knew that whatever world Bardia brought us would be amazing,” she shared on the phone from New York. “[There’s] this message that everyone can be motivated to return to the world and find those moments that make life magical and unexpected “.

Bringing the concept to life meant returning to the scale of extended, multi-location shooting, which had been impossible during the pandemic. “You couldn’t have a huge production like this for a long time,” says Hadid. “[Being on set] it was fun and like getting back to normal. Shot over two weeks, the project gave Hadid, who was on site for several days, the opportunity to spend time with friends like Lee. “Precious and I are close, so when she filmed the part of her, we had a wonderful weekend of work, dancing and karaoke,” says Hadid. “What you see in the final video is authentic. It captures the feeling of having fun all together ”.

Not everyone could share a scene with dozens of artists included in the final cut, but Hadid enjoyed seeing her friends in action. “Everyone had to come and do their parts separately, so I couldn’t work with everyone that appears in the final video, but that made watching the film a fun surprise,” says Hadid. “I got to see the whole story come together and what they were working on during the days I wasn’t there. I couldn’t see Olivia [Vinten] filming, but I loved her moment as the housekeeper being caught relaxing and skipping work.

Collaboration with Zeinali, with whom he worked on projects Rowing, added a level of ease to the process. “Once you are in a relationship with someone you have worked with, [and] knowing how they modify is like entering their mind, ”Hadid says. “You could do the same project in a different direction and make it take on a completely different frame of mind. I love the humor of Bardia’s work. My favorite part – and the most Bardian moment of the entire shoot – was when we had a fully choreographed lineup of dancing waiters in these perfect outfits all by the pool to serve Jill a peanut butter sandwich. Then there is me as the owner of the hotel who obviously did nothing, but this is the comedy of it all. Bardia has a way of capturing the smallest detail and romanticizing it until it becomes a fun piece.

All the talk about travel leads her to think about how we interact with our wardrobes. As she visits her favorite destinations such as Tahiti and the Mediterranean, she finds herself drawn to expressive fashion. “[Tahiti] it’s a place where you can have so much fun with your clothes because the colors are beautiful and everything you put in front of them comes to life, “says Hadid.” I love to pack fun accessories. The pieces in the collection have spoken to me; I think they have took the campaign to a whole different level. ”

Of course, Hadid’s appreciation for H&M goes beyond starring in its ads. Earlier in her career, she used the brand’s many stores in New York City as a means of discovering his tastes. “I spent many days with casting and rehearsal shooting where I was just walking around town and diving into H&M,” she says. “Sometimes I bought basics or something louder than I thought I could wear to a trendy party. It was wonderful because it allowed me to find my own style and discover what I liked in a way that seemed accessible to me. ”

Fine-tuning her fashion point of view gave Hadid the confidence to tackle her latest feats: the new Netflix reality contest series, Forward in Fashion, and an upcoming clothing line. “I’m so excited about both of them,” says Hadid. “We are working with the production team right now, finalizing the guest judges and episodes with the hope that audiences will feel how much fun and love we put into everything. So working on my clothing line was amazing because it’s a different environment, where I can get involved in team building and design. I’m just trying to be creative all the time and keep finding ways I can put it into the world in a way that touches people. ”

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