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PARIS – Galeries Lafayette are ready to launch a huge wellness department this summer.

The space, which houses products, services, a gym and a restaurant, will be located on floor minus one of the main building of the department store on Boulevard Haussmann and will open in mid-July.

Galeries Lafayette have carried out extensive renovations over the past 18 months, during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have continued to improve customer journeys with the creation of a third series of escalators,” said Alexandre Liot, general manager of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. “We renovated our historic dome, which hadn’t been redone since its creation.”

Other initiatives include the opening of the (Re) Store, dedicated to circular and second-hand fashion in the women’s clothing department.

“And then, we took the time to see what consumer trends were and, more importantly, their expectations,” Liot said. “We realized that our customers didn’t just want to buy goods, they also wanted to do good for themselves. This is what guided us in this project.

“The [post-COVID-19] The department store responds, with everything – innovation, expectation, exclusivity – under one roof, which is its historical strength, “he continued.

Liot said Galeries Lafayette has always had a solid “traditional” beauty business.

“Looking at the evolution of the market – in particular in the United States, which is still far ahead in terms of well-being, and also in Japan – we said to ourselves ‘the beauty of tomorrow’ is no longer just about selling products, but also about do you good, ”he said.

Additionally, consumers today expect differentiation and innovation from brick-and-mortar stores.

The least one floor of the Galeries Lafayette, one of the busiest, was once the footwear department, which has been relocated to the fourth floor. That meant 32,290 square feet of space was available.

“We really wanted to create and be the reference for well-being and well-being in Paris and even Europe,” said Liot, who argues that nothing of this type exists anywhere else. “We have chosen the best in their present areas of expertise [French] territory, or totally exclusive concepts not yet in France.

“We balanced the two,” he joked, without mentioning the names of the specific brands he chose. “We will have all the products that correspond to well-being: food supplements, creams, hair products. It will truly be the temple of well-being ”.

Treatment rooms must offer massage and alternative medicine. The gym, which hosts fitness classes, will be open before and after the store’s opening hours.

Athleisure will also be on sale on this floor and there will be a restaurant serving foods designed with wellness in mind. (Also on the culinary front, the Galeries Lafayette, in its Maison et Gourmet building, will add an additional floor dedicated to restaurants in September.)

“For this space, there are totally different codes from those of the department stores, from those you are used to seeing on the other floors,” said the manager of the wellness department.

The wellness market has enormous potential, having doubled globally in the past four years, according to the Global Wellness Report. Yet the category remains highly segmented and only accessible to a small number of people in France.

“The spirit of Galeries Lafayette is everyone’s department store and we really want this universe to be accessible to everyone,” Liot said, adding that massages and other treatments will be available from € 45 to € 400. “So it really democratizes access to well-being.

“We always try to be one step ahead of our environment and also our competitors,” he said. “It is also important for us to continue to put our philosophy into practice, which is that customers and visitors need constantly renewed experiences and experiences. It is a leitmotiv that we have had for a long time ”.

Liot quoted the department store’s historic slogan: “Something always happens at Galeries Lafayette”.

“We continue to live it today, with this project,” he said.

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