Fashion Market coming this summer in the area (4 photos)

From June to October, Georgia Allison brings the Innisfil Fashion Market to the community with the first date set for Saturday 4th June.

This summer, there will be a new opportunity for Innisfil sellers, residents and the entire community with the launch of the Innisfil Fashion Market.

Throughout the summer, vendors will gather outside the Stroud Innisfil Community Center to sell new and popular clothes, shoes, accessories, home décor and more at great prices.

The Innisfil Fashion Market will take place on various Saturdays from June to October with the initial event set for June 4th from 9am to 1pm

“This is the first market of its kind in the Innisfil / Barrie area,” said Georgia Allison, coordinator of the event. “It’s an event for all the locals to get together and book a stall and sell their favorite wardrobe items. It is also an opportunity for local businesses to come and sell their stuff. This event is really about merging the new and the old together – everyone is selling, getting rid of their old items while other businesses can sell new items.

Allison hails from Australia where markets like this are the norm, which inspired her to go out and create one for Innisfil and the surrounding areas.

“This is something that happens quite often there (in Australia),” he said. “I came here with the desire to find something similar in the summer and I realized that there was no such thing here. So, I was like, “I might as well be the first”. It’s commonly known as a “shelf sale” in Australia, where it’s a market for people selling their own clothes and it’s just a fun day on the weekend. This is what we want to create here ”.

What started as a market idea quickly became a reality for Allison, who used social media to blow up the idea, with inaugural Saturday already having over 50 confirmed suppliers.

“I’m a professional social media marketer and social media influencer, so it was already easy to get the word out,” he said. “Once we found our step through Instagram marketing, it grew by itself with the word out there. Thanks to social media advertising, we filled our suppliers for our first event within 48 hours. It became a very exciting event very quickly and everyone is super excited about it. “

The use of social media has been the best asset for the Innisfil Fashion Market team and has enabled them to reach not only Innisfil residents but other communities as well to help bring more people to the city.

“Social media is the backbone of any business, any startup company and any event,” Allison said. “It’s the flagship tool you need to get the word out. Oddly, I was planning on keeping this low profile and setting up a Facebook page, but the moment I created the Instagram page, it went away. When there is a local event, everyone wants to know especially because we arrive fresh from the winter. Everyone is looking for something to do, something fresh, new and exciting. That’s why we are really eager to bring this to the community ”.

Excitement is already growing for the market as a way for vendors to kick off the summer and for residents to come back outside in hot weather, especially as it is a new type of market the community has never seen. first.

“We’ve had so much great feedback and it’s only been a week,” says Allison. “It’s a great confirmation that this has been an ‘aha moment’ for us: it feels like sitting on a gold mine. I also had the locals call me to say how excited they are and to tell us how amazing the idea was, it was amazing. Local vendors also said they are tired of the old market ideas happening in every city and are very excited to enter a new view of the market industry because so many of us rely on the markets and bring a new perspective a way. which is really to pack a new vibe for the summer. People are delighted. “

The Innisfil Summer Market was originally only supposed to be held on a Saturday in June, but growing interest has led to more dates for Saturdays on July 9, August 6, September 3, and October 8.

“We hadn’t planned on doing multiple events for the year, it was only when I got one to two massages a day last week wondering if there would be more because they want to plan their summers around it,” Allison said. . “We have been waiting to do something like this and I love to create where creation is needed. It is under our umbrella company “The Collection” which deals with gatherings and events and we plan to optimize it to have our own wedding cafe and bar trailers, functions and markets. This has really ignited the fire for our company and we are super excited about it ”.

Check out the Innisfil Fashion Market website here and their Instagram here.

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