“Fashion is Murder” launch party at Trumpet Blossom Cafe

Created by DJ Kane Edwards, ‘Fashion is Murder’ is a new Iowa City zine that highlights the fashion of Edwards and his friends. The launch party included a fashion show with models from the mini magazine.

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Larry Fan

A model walks the runway at the Fashion Is Murder show at Trumpet Blossom Cafe on Friday, April 15, 2022.

Fashion lover and DJ Kane Edwards had been planning to make a comic or fanzine in Iowa City for years. Tonight, that intention has come true: what started as a project to highlight Edwards and his friends’ fashion has grown into a full-color print magazine with a launch party involved.

The first issue of Edwards magazine Fashion is murder released on April 15. Held at the Trumpet Blossom Cafe, the launch included a fashion show featuring models from the zine.

“It’s just kind of a silly, fun and creative project,” Edwards said. “I’ve talked about wanting to do a comic or a fanzine for years, and then I had a little extra time on my hands during the winter. I finally decided to just do it, and at that moment I was really getting into fashion.

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The show was completely sold out: patrons filtered into the bar with a line outside the door. Groups of friends crowded around tables, booths and bars as songs like Brian Hyland’s “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” played over the speakers, heard just below the friendly chatter of the crowd.

Edwards said both the fanzine and the show were simply a collaboration between friends. Highlighting fashion unique to Iowa City, the magazine itself holds multiple fashion question-and-answer segments, several featured outfits, and a handful of publications focusing on “pet fashion.”

Cats, dogs, a snake and an axolotl are just a handful of the animals featured in the magazine. The zine’s colorful designs focus on “expressing fashion as fun,” Edwards said. He noted that the magazine will be available for purchase at White Rabbit in Iowa City and that he is currently working on making the product available online. Edwards said he is looking to publish more volumes of Fashion is murder in the future.

“I wanted to highlight all my friends in town,” Edwards said. “I think they have made great music and everyone has great fashion, and it gets overlooked – or maybe not, but it has to be on the cover of every fashion magazine.”

Edwards said each magazine was printed, folded and assembled by itself. He said the goal was to make the product as affordable as possible for the general public. The launch party had a $ 7 cover, which included a free copy of the zine.

Before the show, in an interview with The Iowan newspaperEdwards said that despite intense planning for the event, he was eagerly awaiting the “controlled chaos” that would arise. When the show started and the models walked the red carpet prepared for the event, it was clear that the show was a creative collaboration between friends.

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The styles depicted were drastically different, with each look telling a completely different story. Just looking at the footwear – Doc Martens, platform Crocs and bright tennis shoes are just a few choices – every single fashion item contributed to the different styles featured.

Among the outfits presented in the zine and on the show, it was clear that the launch succeeded in its goal: to present fashion as something fun. Fashion is murder he took a small group of friends and shared their passions and interests with the Iowa City community.

“I hate it when people in fashion take themselves too seriously,” Edwards said. “It’s pretty anti-fashion in general, I’d say.”

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