elf Cosmetics and Dunkin ‘launch a makeup collection

TikTok, the elf Cosmetics favorite beauty brand, is launching a limited edition makeup collection inspired by Dunkin’s coffees and donuts. Even the makeup packaging looks like you’re bringing home a box of donuts, not lip glosses and eye shadows.

The collaboration with the elf X Dunkin ‘presents items with names that echo Dunkin’s menu: the Dunkin’ Dozen scented eyeshadow palette, with its shimmering colors of pink, blue, yellow and chocolate brown, two “Glazed for Days” lip glosses “, a coffee scent lip scrub, straw-shaped makeup brushes. There is also a makeup sponge reminiscent of a strawberry frosted donut with sprinkles of confetti and a coffee mug with the elf Dunkin ‘branding.

Pricing for the products ranges from $ 6 to $ 16. The collection will launch Thursday on elfcosmetics.com and will be available to loyalty program members. On April 3, the collection will be launched online on Ulta.com and in Ulta Beauty stores nationwide.

Unconventional makeup pairing with a popular food brand has already proved a successful strategy for elves

Last March, elf Cosmetics (owned by Beauty elf (ELF)) has joined forces with Chipotle for a limited edition online sale of tricks inspired by the ingredients on its menu. The collection sold out in 72 hours.

Some items were sold out in minutes, said Kory Marchisotto, chief marketing officer of elf Beauty.

“The avocado makeup sponge was used up in 2 minutes,” said Marchisotto. “My mind every day thinks about what comes next. We always try to collaborate with disruptors who think alike.”

elf Cosmetics and Dunkin 'are launching a limited edition makeup collection.

The affordable beauty line – whose name stands for eyes, lips, face – launched 18 years ago with vegan and cruelty-free products priced at $ 1. Earlier this month, it raised its prices by some products of $ 1, citing the increase in production and shipping costs. All of its products are still priced under $ 30.

Larissa Jensen, NPD vice president and beauty industry consultant, said brands are increasingly using unexpected collaborations to stay relevant and grab the attention of younger buyers.

“Our studies show that one-third of consumers aged 18-44 are likely to buy products from collaborations,” said Jensen.

Marchisotto focused on Dunkin ‘as a follow-up to the successful Chipotle promotion after seeing how well the two companies are aligned.

“We are community-centric brands that offer products to the masses at affordable prices,” he said. Furthermore, such a collaboration would once again represent great social media fodder, particularly for the beauty company’s 12 million followers on social media.

The colors of the eyeshadow palette are inspired by the assortment of Dunkin donuts.

“Our audience is very large and over-indexed on Generation Z,” said Marchisotto. “We have galvanized Gen Z for the past three years and are very purposefully working with digitally disruptive brands like Twitch and TikTok to capture these consumers.”

At the same time, elf Beauty has expanded its beauty and skincare product portfolio to include two new offerings under its corporate umbrella: Well People, a clean cosmetics manufacturer using plant-based ingredients and a line of skin care products. lifestyle and skin care called Keys Soulcare, which is co-created by singer-songwriter Alicia Keys.

“We want to build brands that are disrupting industry norms, are inclusive and connect with the community,” said Marchisotto.

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