Dopamine dressing is the fashion we crave this spring

You will see a lot of colors in stores this season.

CLEVELAND – Forget those muffled tones; this spring, she wears the rainbow.

3News Style Contributor Hallie Abrams says you’ll see lots of color in stores this spring.

“They call it ‘dopamine dressing’ because the idea is that, after what we’ve all been through for the past 24 months, everyone is ready for a dose of the happiness hormone,” Abrams said. “Dressing in color really does.”

But if you’re eager to get away from black, white and gray, Hallie has it, regardless of the occasion or your color comfort zone.

“I always joke: ‘It’s kind of a sauce: mild, medium or spicy, and how comfortable are you?'” He explained.

First, Hallie sported a bold blue asymmetrical dress.

“I love the idea of ​​a formal suit that isn’t black,” she said. “We made a little more dopamine with a rainbow earring and a rainbow clutch, and if, again, it’s not in your comfort level, you could use a naked clutch. You could use a black clutch … you don’t have to. exaggerate. The dress alone works well. “

Abrams says that asymmetrical styles can be a versatile choice for different ages and body types.

“You don’t feel like you’re showing too much skin,” he stressed, “but it allows you to show off your leg and shoulder.”

This particular dress also featured a tie detail at the waist. So how do you master that finishing touch?

“There are no hard and fast rules [to how you tie it]”Hallie said.” Personally I like it to be sidelined. It’s kind of a balance [the asymmetry of the dress] and, in general, from the side it is usually more attractive.

Next, Hallie says floral prints are an easy way to immerse yourself in the trend.

“This is a little less bold, but the orange pops up, so it works really well, and I like the idea of ​​adding this orange gum bag,” she described. “You could wear it on the beach and you could even combine it with a clutch bag and wear it to a wedding.”

Hallie paired both looks with a nude shoe. She says it’s a flattering and safe choice to balance any brightness level. Just make sure you choose the match for your skin tone.

“There are all different nudes in the same way we all come in all different colors,” she said, “so trying to find one that really fits your skin tone is great.”

Another great way to look current? Add color to the oversized power suit trend.

“You can choose a bolder shoulder without being totally a working girl [like] Melanie Griffith, where it looks professional and you can break the pieces, “Abrams told us.” The great thing about a suit is that she could wear this jacket over a floral skirt or a pair of black pants and that would be great. The pants alone would be wonderful with a little sweater … and that way you get a kind of three dresses in one. “

Hallie says sticking to the dress in one color creates a long, slender line – and it can actually look less bold, than mixing colors. But if you’re in the mood for boldness in a smaller way, try an accessory.

“A bag, a shoe, a necklace, an earring,” he listed. “It’s a great way to wear other things you’re comfortable with and then incorporate that little bit of color.”

So don’t hesitate to get bold; there is a way for everyone to brighten up their spring.

“I’m a big believer in what enlightens you … and tuning into some sort of inner voice of what you’re drawn to and drawn to is the first place to start,” said Hallie. “Be honest about your safety. When you wear it, how do you feel? And if it seems too much, then tone it down a bit.”

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