Detroit Deadline | WDIV thinks the talent on the air needs a fashion update. So he wants to see what’s in their closets.

Jon Jordan says he will provide “inspiration, creative formulas, wardrobe planning and retail contacts. “

WDIV wants his on-air talent to take a quantum leap when it comes to fashion and image.

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan, makeup artist and wardrobe consultant, sent a reminder to the staff asking them to schedule an individual “image consultation session”. The note was posted on the FTVLive website and its authenticity was confirmed Sunday for Deadline Detroit by three people.

“During the session I will present our Guide to Images to make this clear and easy to understand and provide you with inspiration, creative formulas, wardrobe planning and retail contacts to facilitate your needs,” says the memo.

The session will include the review of “all wardrobe and accessories on the air – makeup and hair products included. It will take a minimum of two hours, which will be counted as part of your working day schedule”.

As part of the session, workers have the option of bringing their clothes and accessories to the studio air, or a review can be conducted at home “if you think it would be easier to do”.

“I think they’re right to be unhappy that a lot of their people don’t dress appropriately,” an industry insider familiar with the memo told Deadline Detroit. “Sleeveless dresses in winter, dress combinations that don’t match. Must be a little more artistic (about the wording in the memo).

“Jon Jordan, who is their local consultant, it is very good and will be of great help. I commend the station for wanting their people to look more professional.

“Huel Perkins, who just retired from WJBK Fox 2, has always been a great dresser; Devin Scillian is a great dresser. Carmen Harlan dressed well in her day, as did Diana Lewis. Glenda Lewis at WXYZ always dresses in elegant and professional way. A little common sense has to come into play. I recommend broadcasting stations and groups that invest time and money in appearance consultants. “

The station hopes to finish all counseling sessions by May 20, the statement said.

“Image consultations are a priority for all stakeholders,” the statement said. “They require commitment and compliance. The result will be the start of an ongoing creative collaboration that elevates our brand and the credibility of our talent, engaging and inspiring our viewers, readers and followers.”

News director Kimberly Voet did not respond on Sunday to comment on a message via LinkedIn. Jordan did not respond to a comment email.

Jordan’s bio says he worked for WDIV over 30 years:

If you are a fashion fan you should be a Jon fan. Jon’s mission is to make style an integral part of everyone’s life, thus making the world a more beautiful place to live! You can see his reports on Local 4 Style regularly during Local 4 News. …

Jon spent nearly two decades as a makeup artist and wardrobe consultant for print, TV and film. His famous clients have included President Bill Clinton, Cindy Crawford, Sarah, the Duchess of York, Tom Brokaw and Spike Lee.

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