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HER is highlighting her background for her next fashion collection.

The Oscar- and Grammy-winning musician is partnering with Amazon’s The Drop, which is the fashion category of the company that publishes limited-edition collections featuring celebrities, influencers and brands, for a loungewear collection that draws inspiration from LEI’s Filipino background and to his upbringing in Vallejo, California and Brooklyn. The collection will be available on Tuesday.

“The main [inspiration] that’s where I come from, ”said HER, noting her upbringing in the two cities. “The two places that make me who I am today have made me the artist I am and the creative I am. Just being from Vallejo, but also having been in Brooklyn for most of my life and how being in New York City has also lifted me halfway. It just got me out of my shell, so being out of those two places made me the creativity that I am. “

HER incorporated the two cities into the collection by registering the pieces with the prefix 707 and with “Brooklyn, NY”. The collection also includes a sweater with the image of the Bay Bridge.

The musician also looked to her Filipino roots for the collection, with a common saying that means a lot to her in many of the pieces.

Amazon fashion collection from HER: details, photos

HIS modeling styles from her Amazon collection.
Courtesy of Robb Klassen

“I’m half Filipino and I wanted to include something that represents my culture,” she said. “A phrase my mother and grandmother used to say to me as a child was ‘Bahalaka sa buhay mo’, which is actually a very funny phrase for anyone who grew up in a Filipino family. Whenever I asked if I could go out with my friends or if I could stay out later or whatever I wanted to do as a kid and I had to ask my mom’s permission, she would say “Bahalaka sa buhay mo” which means like ‘whatever what your life is, go on. ‘ Growing up, it took on new meaning for me. It really means it’s your life. It’s a fun and sentimental thing, but it’s also a mindset. It’s your life, do what you want with it.

The saying is featured on pieces, including several t-shirts and hoodies. The collection comes in a muted color palette of white, black, and olive and features pieces like tee shirts, hoodies, shorts, and sweatpants. All styles retail for under $ 100 and are offered on Amazon’s The Drop.

The collection reflects HER’s casual yet elegant vibe when it comes to its fashion. His signature, however, are his he basic sunglasses, which she’s always seen wearing on the red carpet or during performances.

“I’ve always been a girl in tracksuits,” she said about how the collection reflects her style. “I remember there was a time when I was afraid of wearing cold suits on stage and I just dared to be different and went against the grain of what it means to be glam all the time. Jumpsuits became my thing and I thought it was okay for me to do it [a loungewear collection] now that it is becoming more popular ”.

The HER collection is the latest from Amazon’s The Drop. Earlier this week, the retailer released its size included collection with influencer and Megababe founder Katie Sturino, which has been The Drop’s most inclusive collection to date.


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