Davines Liquid Luster smoothes split ends in just one wash

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To my hairdresser’s dismay, I took up permanent residency in the “twice a year haircut camp”. I know, I know, depending on your length, regular haircuts can do wonders for your hair health and growth. But like going to the gym or paying my taxes, I like to put it off for as long as possible.

That said, I am always on the lookout for a product that will keep my hair healthy for a long time. I have type 3C curly and sly hair that is naturally dry and thirsty. Months without a cut inevitably mean split ends, breaks, more dryness, frizz – you name it. So, if there’s ever a product that can get rid of these hair problems (i.e. put off that haircut for a few more months …), there’s a good chance it’ll end up in my beauty stash.

Luckily for me, I found a product that I’m currently infatuated with: Davines’ new hair straightener, OI Liquid Luster ($ 50), which, for all intents and purposes, is like a haircut in a bottle. No exaggeration – this magical rinse treatment softens tired strands and closes split ends in one wash, giving you salon-quality strands the moment you step out of the shower, minus the wallet-scarring price tag.

OI Liquid Luster: a smoothing treatment that really works (seriously)

As a curly girl, I am very skeptical of hair treatments. I’ve tried many OTC smoothing rinses and home keratin treatments with only a select few living up to their respective hype, so when OI Liquid Luster ended up on my door, I was dubious. I had high hopes: Davines does they have a stellar track record and are trusted for salon quality hair products doing their job. But my experience with rinse treatments has been that, yes, they can work … on fine, already soft locks. Not hair like mine.

However, I took a tour and to my pleasant surprise was seriously impressed. It’s super easy to use – instructions are printed on the back along with 20ml sections indicating the recommended amount you should use with each rinse (20ml for short / medium hair, 40ml for long). I washed with my regular shampoo, rinsed off and poured the treatment onto my wet head starting at the root. Since my hair is quite long, I doubled the dose, combing it between the strands as I went and massaging it into each curl with my fingertips. (Pro tip: Open a window because the scent is a bit strong while it’s on.)

Immediately, I noticed how soft and silky the solution was on my hair before I even washed it off. It is formulated with plant-based, sheen-inducing ingredients, such as artichoke thistle (for managing shine and frizz) and a naturally-sourced alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), for hydration. Like all the other products in the OI shine line, there is also roucou oil, “a ‘secret’ ingredient that contains vitamin A and selenium, known for its protection against the sun and other daily stresses,” according to Davines. These work together to smooth strands, coat split ends, and add moisture when rinsing.

After about a minute of letting my hair fully saturate, I rinsed off, continued with my normal conditioning process, and rinsed again. A dry towel and a comb after and I was amazed – even brushing my hair was easier and smoother than normal, with no knots to find.

My normal curls were still there, just smoother and healthier looking, like I’d just dusted off my split ends in the salon. After curling with my regular curl products and air drying, my mane looked phenomenal, if I say so myself: there was no frizz at my roots and my curls were softer and more defined. Even my boyfriend who knows nothing regarding beauty routines he complimented me that my “hair was really beautiful that day”. Color me impressed.

Even on day 3, my hair looked straight and frizz-free.

Final thoughts

Want to fake a fresh cut? Get this brilliant rinse. Really spice up tired, thirsty locks, adding a soft, glossy shine without weighing your hair down or frying it even more. It is safe for all hair types and takes no more than a minute of the normal shower to transform dry, frizzy locks into lustrous locks.

Like everything else in the Davines line, it is also sustainable, so it deserves even more a place in your cart. Each bottle is made from post-consumer recycled plastic and can be recycled again. Liquid Luster is also produced using energy from 100% renewable sources in the village of Davines in Parma, Italy, and the CO2 emissions from their production are offset. It is ecological and effective, what could be better?

Just note that if you have long thick hair like me, you will need to use a little more than the standard “dose” to completely saturate your head. There are 10 metered doses in each bottle, but if you use more, you will likely get around 5-6 rinses in total. Still, it’s totally worth it, and combined with OI’s other products, like matching shampoo and conditioner, you’ll be able to lengthen your silky strands between washes (or, you know, haircuts. ..)

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links can earn Well + Good a commission.

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