Datavault® collaborates with fashion legend Thomas Zeumer to enhance the tokenization and monetization platform “The Zuper Experience”

Provides models, actors and influencers with a full suite of tools to create data objects and mint NFTs to buy, sell and trade using Datavault’s patented cryptographic technology

NEW YORK, April 11, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Data Vault Holdings Inc., a leader in tokenomics and the visualization, evaluation and monetization of metaverse data, today announced it has partnered with the legendary supermodel agent Thomas Zeumer develop The Zuper Experience (ZEX), a data exchange that will allow models, actors and influencers to have an intuitive data solution to earn directly from their personal content. ZEX will act as a bridge that will enable creatives to create new streams of value, enabling brands and millions of fans to find inspiration in their content. Through data monetization and the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the partnership aims to transform the media industry by unlocking the immense potential of individual data assets for both model and creative financial gain, as well as experiential gain. of consumers. Data Vault Holdings e Thomas Zeumerthrough The Zuper Experience, it will leverage data monetization capabilities for a combined impact, making data beautiful and ultimately profitable.

“We are thrilled to cooperate Thomas Zeumer to manage, evaluate and monetize user data for ZEX. For decades, Mr. Zeumer has helped build data portfolios between models and industry professionals. His efforts have cultivated a genuine exchange between the fashion industry and the general public. Today we create a similar exchange, instead expertly supported by data created by models, actors, influencers and other creative professionals in the entertainment industry. Datavault’s deep expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and tokenization positions our patented cryptographic technology as the perfect partner to serve ZEX users, “he says. Nathaniel Bradleyco-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings.

Since the 90s, Thomas Zeumer has amassed an enormous amount of print, video and digital content, including magazine covers, television broadcasts and digital archives. Through its partnership with Zeumer, Data Vault Holdings will leverage its platform’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to create ZEX. This blockchain-based exchange will be the world’s first interactive portal that monetizes data from professional models, influencers, actors, athletes, celebrities, endorsers and brands. It will serve as a marketplace that democratizes data and allows talents to regain control of their personal data so it can work for them.

ZEX consists of a simple four-step process:

  1. To evaluateOnce a user has been registered, the platform’s artificial intelligence evaluates the status of the user’s personal data using an aggregate point system that measures factors such as social, educational and economic status.

  2. Create: Once the evaluation is complete, ZEX will provide tips for creating revenue points, from monetizing personal data to NFT minting.

  3. Exchange: User can instantly generate revenue through asset tokenization, blockchain data development, and NFT creation.

  4. Monetize: After the exchange of data assets, the user will receive cash or cryptocurrency income.

The data monetization market is a fast growing sector whose value is estimated to reach $ 6.1 billion by 2025, recording a CAGR of 21.7% from 20201. Data monetization is ready to stop $ 3 trillion fashion industry and more 700 billion dollars media and entertainment sector2.3.

ZEX opens users to the flexible nature of data, to transform it from unrefined content to single data objects, datasets and NFTs. NFTs, whose popularity has grown in the art world, provide models, influencers, actors, and similar digital certificates of authenticity that cannot be swapped or mistaken for equivalence. Therefore, ownership is solely in the hands of the user so that he can profit residually from individual photographs, videos, physical objects coined into unique digital assets.

Zuper Experience provides resource management through tokenization. Data objects can be exchanged via Datavault’s Information Data Exchange®, while NFTs can be bought, sold and traded through the platform’s NFT Exchange. In addition to monetizing data objects and NFTs, the platform also allows users to create a photorealistic avatar representing the user’s digital presence, available to customers only upon payment to models, influencers and actors.

ZEX will be sold as a subscription service for $ 9.95 per month. Content creators across the entertainment industry produce copious amounts of data and deserve to make the most of it. Datavault’s partnership with Thomas Zeumer it will create an exchange and market where people and brands can invest in models, influencers and actors. In return, these content creators will gain valuable, 24/7 real-time insights into their personal market value. Beauty – or in this case the realization of one’s market value – is certainly in the eyes of the individual content creator.

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