Cream balances heat in chicken dishes with green chillies

I’m a rule follower, not inclined to break tradition according to a personality test I took a few years ago.

Obviously the test didn’t delve deep into my cooking philosophy.

Adapting recipes has become second nature to me after years of cooking.

It’s not necessarily that the original ingredients and directions are wrong. They just don’t suit me: my taste, my ingredients, my simple cooking style or my tendency to clean up afterwards.

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Laura Gutschke

My kitchen is sometimes more like a test laboratory than a well-running production facility.

I show my successes in this column, rarely the breakdowns. But even the disasters guide my progress as I read recipes.

“Don’t try that, it doesn’t taste good,” I hear in my head.

Another time the voice says, “This dish is tempting but has too many steps. After that there are many dishes. Can I make it easier?”

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