Colorform ‘Inspire’ challenges traditional cosmetics packaging design with molded fiber

March 28, 2022

The “Second Skin” packaging manufacturer, who revolutionized the champagne market with Maison Ruinart, has launched a packaging concept that illustrates the unlimited design possibilities of molded fiber

Created to excite, ‘COLOURFORM Inspire’ demonstrates the extraordinary capabilities of the application, while satisfying the need for eco-friendly packaging. The COLORFORM concepts were created specifically to challenge traditional approaches to packaging design in multiple luxury sectors, including cosmetics. They capture key trends for 2022 ranging from meticulous craftsmanship and active energy, to natural glow and confidence. The features demonstrated in the Inspire are interchangeable whether it is a clasp, a particular weave or the use of fiber from James Cropper’s CupCycling structure.

COLORFORM’s demonstration of what could be done for cosmetics is packaged in an inspiring duplex design that is bold and bold, making mono-material cosmetics packaging a reality. Expressive and playful, the Kiss package takes the shape of lips with contrasting internal and external colors. It comes complete with color cut-out messaging, tilting product presentation, and an embossed branding reveal. The surface is soft and refined and can be made in any color.

The vibrant Kiss concept is scalable in size, for example to accommodate a lipstick or perfume; giving the cosmetics market a real opportunity to increase sustainability credentials by amplifying bold shapes and colors.

In today’s world, consumers want to do better and want to shop more sustainably. This change was illustrated by a report conducted by WWF last year which showed that online searches for sustainable goods globally have increased by 71% since 2016. It also reported that on Twitter the number of posts related to the loss of nature and biodiversity has increased by 65% ​​in five years and in the UK alone, 2.6 million such Tweets were posted in 2020, up from 864,000 posted in 2016.

What these findings and other reports reveal is that it is no longer acceptable or smart to ignore sustainability in business. The responsibility to do better is to push companies to develop and incorporate sustainable business practices to ensure they survive and thrive.

Chris Schofield, Head of Design, COLOURFORM, says: “Everything that is created for our customers is tailor-made and therefore unique; imagination is the only limit. The COLOURFORM Inspire collection illustrates the infinite directions and shapes that can be created depending on the character and values ​​of the brand ”.

“Market leading design and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive when it comes to packaging. Packaging now has to be both ecological and beautiful: and it can be. We use renewable energy and natural wood fibers from sustainably managed forests and high quality recycled fibers from our world-class recycled fiber plant. Brands can breathe new life into waste from a variety of sources, including used coffee cups, through their packaging solution. “

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Combining technological solutions and innovative design with an increasingly environmentally conscious consumer mentality, COLOURFORM is a thermoformed and printed fiber packaging solution, which offers a complete service directed to brands wishing to offer a quality, unique and sustainable. With the ability to create premium single material packaging, the award-winning company is the latest innovation from the James Cropper Group.

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