Colored cosmetics: the best 2022 innovations awarded at the MakeUp in Los Angeles

The winners of the 2022 edition of Makeup at the LosAngeles IT Awards were unveiled on the first day of the beauty fair, during a ceremony hosted by Sandra Maguarian and Aurélie de Boisvilliers, the organizers of the exhibition, and by the beauty expert and jury member Luisa Oliva.

The competition has two phases. First, exhibitors present the products with a video pitch and an in-depth description of their added value compared to existing similar products. In a second phase, the shortlisted products are evaluated and tested by a jury of 12 international experts [1] who will award the winners four categories: Formulation, Full Service, Packaging and Accessory.

22 innovations for skincare and make-up were selected this year from 87 proposals in the four categories.

In the Accessories categorythe applicators with paper handle posted by HNB Corporation were declared winners. The jury appreciated the “great leap forward” in sustainability enabled by these in-store product test applicators featuring a recycled paper handle. According to HNB Corporation, 65% of the brush can be fully recycled and can be biodegradable in the soil.

The other candidates in the Accessories category were ACT Beauty France Complete PCR Makeup Brush Set (a makeup brush kit made entirely from recycled materials), and Cosmogen paper brush set (a set of makeup brushes with customizable paper handles and vegan bristles).

In the Formulation categoryto which the MakeUp in LosAngeles IT Award went B.Kolormakeup and skin care for their Lip Legend Liquid lipstick without transfer, which offers a “soft like cashmere with a matte, moisturizing and long-lasting texture.The formula is free of d4 / d5 / d6 BHT, phenoxyethanol, parabens, silicone and PEG.

Other candidates in the Formulation category included: Soft Sculpt Skin Melding Water-based foundation by DLab (an all-in-one foundation, concealer and powder with a surprising mousse texture and waterless formula); Gotha Cosmetics skin perfecting foundation; Gotha Cosmetics Cotton Candy Lipstick; Perfector Foundation by MPlus Cosmetics (an adaptable and perfecting foundation that is tinged with white and instantly self-adjusts to adapt to skin tone); And Le Baume by Necos Italia (a hybrid lip product that boasts a super comfortable, non-sticky glossy formula with 92% naturally derived raw materials and some recycled ingredients, inspired by “probiotic technology” to help improve barrier function and defend the skin).

In the Full Service Categorythe IT Award was awarded Evoke by Chromavis Farevaa playful lipstick with a striking optical effect thanks to an innovative optical embossing designed to reflect light when the product is held from different angles.

Other candidates in the category included: Anjac Health & Beauty’s OK Compost Home Certifiable and mask in paper sachet (one sheet of 100% natural and biodegradable mask packed in an ecological paper bag); Anjac Health & Beauty dry impregnated make-up remover pads (100% biodegradable cleaning pads designed to be rehydrated with water before use); Materia by Chromavis Fareva (a new concept of make-up in which the product itself made with clay becomes its own cup and container, thus reducing the industrial steps and the materials used); Seacliff Beauty Soshe Beauty Refillable Cleansing Mascara (a refillable mascara, for the Soshe Refill program that delivers refills to the customer’s door, all while reducing single-use plastic waste per refill).

In the Packaging categorythe winner is APR Beauty Group Inc. for their single material airless pump for powders allowing a precise and directional diffusion of the powder.

Other candidates in the packaging category were: Cosmei’s paper pencils (pencils with 100% customizable paper barrel for long-lasting eye, eyebrow and lip formulations); Aquamarine single material airless system by DTS Wista Packaging (a 100% recyclable monomaterial airless for micro-encapsulated formulas); the pure mono material stick pack by J.Cop Korea (Jeong Hun), CTA Eco Mascara by Somater, Somater’s hybrid container (a light container made with more than 52% of cardboard of biological origin and less than 48% of plastic); Toly’s Queen of Powders.

All the selected products were exhibited and the winners were awarded a trophy during the awards ceremony.

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