Co-founder of billion dollar fashion brand FUBU launches “For Us By Us Network” a new streaming platform

FUBU will go down in history as a revolutionary and iconic brand that spoke to a generation of operators. For nearly 30 years, FUBU has been one of the most popular fashion brands in the world and now they are back to claim that throne, but in a different direction.

J. Alexander Martin, a well-known fashion mogul, co-founded FUBU with Daymond John, Keith Perrin and Carl Brown in 1992. FUBU generated $ 350 million in sales across 5,000 stores at its peak in 1998 and ultimately grossed more of $ 6 billion worldwide.

Martin says his entire life mission has been based on the premises of ever-changing change within the black community. “Change excites me. I consider myself the culture. I believe I have dedicated my whole life to our culture. For me, being a lawyer means living it and doing it. It is not enough to say it. It is not something to think about. You have to be brave and honest with yourself, regardless of what comes next, “says Martin.

Martin continues to raise the bar of excellence by creating content relevant to culture. He had a strong interest in television, which led to VOD deals with Verizon and Comcast. The For Us By Us Network streaming platform was launched on April 1, 2022 by Martin, along with co-founder and president Roberto “Rush” Evans and network president Herb Kimble.

As one of the original founders of FUBU, Martin has a deep understanding of the urban consumer, not only in terms of fashion but also in terms of entertainment. The For Us By Us network was founded with the aim of providing culture with high quality cultural content.

Evans will oversee production on For Us By Us Network, focusing on pop culture conveyed through fresh and innovative content. Already a successful producer, having worked in several major companies including Love and hip hop franchise, Monami Ent, Saturday Night Live Broadway Video and the viral series King of South Beachhopes to bring the same production value with positive storytelling to a digital audience.

“Our platform will be truly unique and I am thrilled to be able to offer an amazing library of original movies, series and content related to hip hop culture and lifestyle,” says Evans.

Through the platform, For Us By Us will release a wide range of culturally relevant programs, including reality, drama, documentary and film. With the rise of video streaming services, the collective goal is to become the protagonist in the digital storytelling space by creating content for culture.

For Us By Us Network will be a great alternative for black families this spring and beyond, especially with Netflix raising prices and monitoring sharing. Santana’s preparation saucy, Slaughter Slays, Fosters Law, Cocaine SistersAnd Viciousstarring Tami Roman and directed by Kim Fields, it will be among the original films and series to be released online.

The network will have an integrated audience focused on its original and licensed content targeted to African Americans. The new platform powers a direct-to-consumer live TV streaming service, while also combining video-on-demand advertising (AVOD) and video-on-demand subscription (SVOD) into a single platform. The suggested retail price is $ 24.99 per quarter or $ 79.99 per year.

Some content will be ad-supported and free for subscribers, while other premium content will require a subscription. To increase subscriptions and maximize the value of its programs for a diverse audience, the company will leverage its branding expertise and create cultural content for national and international growth.

“If you go up and can’t afford a subscription, you can still watch great content, not necessarily premium, but you can watch traditional TV, which is linear, 24 hours a day. This is something no other platform offers, ”adds Martin.

With shows like Chop it up with Charles Oakley’s cooking program, For Us By Us Network has a track record of producing current, trendy, relevant and fresh content that has garnered millions of views. The For Us By Us Network library will include original episode series and feature films in addition to programs previously published by the network on its website.

Martin tells us it’s not just about competing with other subscription services for him. “Our formula, I believe, is that we provide everything we want. We are the customer and the consumer and we are responsible for providing everything we want and need. So I just do what the culture and the people want. I am the culture and the people, so it’s a very natural process, ”says Martin.

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