Closed circuit beauty e-commerce platform Innerbottle pilots in South Korea

Innerbottle is a South Korean packaging start-up founded in 2017 by CEO Steve Oh, a former patent attorney.

The company has developed a mechanism to solve the problem of residual waste in cosmetic products with a special silicone case. This “inner bottle” ensures that the outer shell is clean and ready for recycling in an instant.

While this innovative concept has proven effective, one of the biggest obstacles it faces is the infrastructure that will ensure effective recycling.

In March, Innerbottle announced that it was partnering with LG Chem and CJ Logistics to launch IREON, a new B2C beauty platform that will launch next week.

IREON will feature four K-beauty brands using the Innerbottle system, including Akkua, Green Atelier, ELOTTOBRENNI and Farm and Co.

“Until now, consumers could simply throw the bottle in the trash. But with our new platform, they can just hit Recollect and CJ will visit their homes and offices to collect the empty bottles, making it easier for them to be recycled. “Oh explained to Cosmetics Design-Asia.

Once collected, the plastic bottles are sent to LG Chem, which will transform them into post-consumer resin (PCR) which can then be used to remake multiple bottles.

“Since we can easily trace the entire history of the bottle, it will be very safe and of high quality. We also assume it will be cheaper than current PCRs because they have to be sorted, cleaned and transported, all of which entail higher costs. “I said oh.

“Of course, the advantage of using our system is that it will always be clean because the contents are contained within the inner bottle and are easy to remove. It will reduce the cost of cleaning and also increase the quality of the PCRs ”.

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