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Nail trends typically veer towards minimalism and restraint or land firmly in the over-the-top maximalist camp, but sometimes you just want to make a simple statement. This is where chrome nails come into play. They’re glam enough to be trendy and eye-catching, yet understated enough not to conflict with your daily wardrobe.

As seen on stars like Zendaya, Dua Lipa, and Rihanna, getting chrome nails is as much about technique as it is about nail polish or powder color. “Chrome nails are a type of nail design or polish that uses special chromium powder ingredients to give a metallic, reflective and mirrored finish to the nail,” renowned manicure and educator Julie Kandalec told POPSUGAR. “Chromium can be used on the entire nail or in partially targeted areas of the nail bed as part of the nail art design.”

While you can get virtually any color with a chrome finish, Kandalec says the most popular shades among its customers are more traditional shades. “Gold, rose gold and silver are definitely the most popular colors I see,” he says. If you want to get your own chrome manicure, Kandalec breaks down everything you should know about the trend, from technique to how to get the dust-free look, on.

Chrome nail trend background

The popularity of chrome nails has as much to do with access as the glamorous finish of the manicure. “When it first came out, the chrome pigment was extremely difficult to find and was very expensive – about $ 25 for a very small bottle,” says Kandalec. “Now it has become more popular and easier to find. You can find it pretty much everywhere nail products are sold, including most beauty salons.”

Nail art on a chrome manicure

Like any other nail design, chrome works very well with the addition of nail art. “You can absolutely do nail art with chrome,” says Kandalec. “Since you’re going to put the chrome pigment between the non-scrubbable finish layers, you can rub the chrome pigment into the design and then finish it with another finish layer that will block it.”

How To Get Chrome Nails At Home

You can get chrome nails in two ways: with chrome powder or with a polish that mimics a chrome finish. “Chromium isn’t easy to make at home, particularly because you need to use a non-rub polish, which is usually gel-based,” says Kandalec. “However, there are some nail polishes with a chrome finish.” Lights Lacquer’s Nebula ($ 11), CND Shellac’s Silver Chrome ($ 15), and Essie’s Good as Gold ($ 9) are some of his personal favorites.

If you have access to the proper equipment (chrome powder and a gel finish), the process is fairly straightforward. “With the powder, you will incorporate the chrome pigment between the layers of non-scrubbable gel polish,” says Kandalec.

After preparing your nails, apply a regular gel polish base and cure. Once cured, apply a coat of a non-scrubbable finish. “Once the first layer of topcoat is hardened, take a small makeup sponge, such as Real Techniques Mini Complexion Sponges ($ 6 for four), dip the sponge in the chrome powder, then brown the chrome pigment into the non-topcoat. rubbable as soon as it’s hardened, “she says. Once the color is in place, brush off the loose pigment, add another coat of non-rub finish and dry it one last time.

Trends are cyclical in nature, so it was only a matter of time before we saw chrome nails return to the mainstream. Thankfully, chrome nails are a lot easier to get than some of the other trends out there right now. Be sure to keep these tips in mind if you want to recreate the look yourself.

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