Chemyunion will showcase contenders for the in-cosmetics Global award

Chemyunion will present its latest innovations, including Iselight, Restart PRO and Allinea, during the Global cosmetics in Paris. Iselight and Restart PRO are nominated for the In-cosmetics Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award for 2022.

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Iselight by Chemyunion (INCI: Propanediol (e) Arabica coffee (Coffee) Seed extract (e) Myrothamnus Flabellifolia Leaf extract (and) Water (Waterfall)) acts on the root causes of the formation of age spots / spots and promotes homeostasis of the cellular detoxification system, autophagy and proteasome activity, which are able to reduce toxins and dysfunctional cellular biological components .

Iselight is a concentrated plant extract based on Myrothamnus fanellifoliathe “resurrection plant” known in traditional African medicine, e Coffea Arabicaa source of antioxidants derived from the upcycling process.

The advantages outlined are:

  • Improves the uniformity of the facial skin tone by 42% after 28 days;
  • Reduces blemish / skin contrast by 37% after 28 days;
  • Improves the evenness of the skin tone of the hands by 63% after 56 days;
  • Reduces the average hand dot size by 26% after 56 days;
  • Improves skin elasticity and texture uniformity up to 50% (anisotropy); And
  • Meets vegan requirements as it is 100% natural origin, GMO-free and preservative-free.

Restart PRO

Chemyunion developed Restart PRO (INCI: Water (Waterfall) (e) itaconic acid (and) arginine (and) panthenol (and) Common Linus (Flaxseed) Seed extract (s) Spanish sage Seed extract (e) polyglyceryl-10 laurate) a protect and repair the hair fiber structure, during or after chemical transformation treatments.

The ingredient is a cross-linking active based on the synergistic association of unsaturated dicarboxylic acid (itaconic acid), amino acid (arginine), provitamin B5 (D-panthenol) and polysaccharides extracted from linseed and chia seeds.

Restart PRO by Chemyunion protects and repairs the hair fiber structure during or after chemical transformation treatments.Restart PRO by Chemyunion protects and repairs the hair fiber structure during or after chemical transformation treatments.Image source: Chemyunion

Restart PRO acts simultaneously on three processes for the proactive repair of chemically damaged hair:

  1. The itaconic acid present in Restart PRO, derived from corn and obtained in a sustainable way by biotechnology, acts as a Michael acceptor, reacting covalently with both the amino groups (-NH2) and with the sulfhydryl or thiol groups (-SH) of keratin of the hair through the AZA-Michael and Michael reactions, which can form modified keratin.
  2. At the same time, a high-density cross-linking process takes place, favored by the action of the arginine present in Restart PRO through intermolecular interactions with the itaconic acid molecules, which leads to an increase in the strength of the hair. The interactions involved in the crosslinking process are: ion-dipole, hydrogen and dipole-dipole bonds, and the ion-dipole interactions contribute to increasing the strength of the hair.
  3. Pro-vitamin B5 and the polysaccharides extracted from flaxseed and chia seeds present in the composition of Restart PRO are reportedly responsible for promoting moisture retention, thickening, luster, softness, heat protection, sealing of the cuticles and the appearance of the hair.

The benefits include:

  • Protects hair from harsh chemical damage such as discoloration.
  • Increases the strength of chemically damaged hair by up to 9.9%.
  • Repairs chemically damaged hair, increasing its strength by up to 25.3%.
  • It forms a protective barrier on the hair, without forming accumulations.
  • It improves the manageability of the hair by 19.5%.
  • Gives up to 29% more shine, protecting the cuticle from aggressive chemical damage.
  • It carries out a protective and repairing action on the hair against aggressive chemical procedures such as discoloration.
  • Compared to virgin hair, it protects hair strength up to 89%.
  • Compared to virgin hair, it repairs up to 92% of hair damage.

These results show that Restart PRO can favor a greater cross-linking density thanks to its ability to react both with the amino groups (-NH2) and with the sulfhydryls or thiols (-SH) present in the keratin, repairing the resistance of the hair fibers during or after chemical bleaching processes, restoring the hair’s strength and protecting or repairing damage.


Align (INCI: Water (Waterfall) (e) lactic acid (e) ethyl linoleate (e) ethyl oleate (e) trehalose (e) polyglyceryl-10 laurate (e) glycolic acid (e) magnesium aluminum silicate (e) Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil (and) Sodium Lignosulfonate (and) Beentimony Chloride) has been previously highlighted for its effects on hair alignment, volume reduction and frizz control. This 100% biodegradable active ingredient supports the concept of upcycling using reused waste from the paper industry.

It has been found that the active can control frizz for up to 24 hours and reduce frizz up to 30 times within 2 hours of exposure.

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