Britney Spears is in love with Ariana Grande’s REM Beauty makeup line

Multiple Grammy Award winner Ariana Grande just sent the “Princess of Pop” an entire kit from her new makeup line, REMBeauty. Well, Britney Spears can’t get enough! The 40-year-old star confesses that she has turned into a “makeup addict”. Read on to find out more.

Britney thanks Ariana

Britney took to Instagram and posted a three-page article about her newfound love of beauty products. She thanked Ariana for sending her a whole kit of REM Beauty products. Her new post features three slides where she talked about her “makeup addict” side of her, pregnancy and more.

On the last side, the Child, once again the artist wrote, … Now that Ariana has sent me this amazing packaging with her new makeup line @REMbeauty … I believe my day is set !!! Yes, I’ve already worn it and I’m not lying … it’s really fantastic !!! “

Britney revealed that Ariana’s products are unique and the colors are not only soft and cool, but the way they lay on your face is just like silk. She closed her statement thanking Ariana and wrote, “Thanks Ariana for this great gift. I needed eyeshadows. How did you know? God bless you.”

The REM beauty of Ariana

Ariana Grande is the most successful singer of the 21st century. The singer has garnered several awards during her musical career. Ariana never stops thinking outside the box about her. Her new makeup line, REM Beauty is a perfect example.

The Bang Bang singer revealed in an interview that REM Beauty is synonymous with personal expression. REM Beauty is a shimmering candy-colored dream landscape and a vehicle for self-love, creative expression and freedom.

Ariana was asked how she wanted her customers to feel when using these products. She replied, “[I want people] to feel like their most beautiful, honest and expressed self, I think the makeup is about self expression. It is not about following trends per se. The point is to express yourself and feel beautiful. It’s personal. “

The 28-year-old singer described her makeup line in the best words possible. As founder of REM Beauty, Ariana states:

“It means so much to me to be able to create a product line for everyone and anyone who wants to wear it and feel amazing. Makeup is so personal and having the opportunity to help people feel even more beautiful than they already are in their own skin, and also providing tools that support and encourage people in their creativity and personal expression is a gift I will give. never take it for granted “.

The beauty products consist of a range of 60s colors in 90s monochromatic eyeshadow, blush and lip palettes, with cheek tints and lipsticks. The products have unique names like Broadway Baby, Stage Mom, Audition and Callbacks.

Ariana has released two chapters of this makeup line. The first chapter is called “Ultraviolet” and includes products such as On Your Collar (Plumping Lip Gloss), Midnight Shadow (Eyeshadow Palette) and Interstellar (Highlighter Topper).

The most recent chapter is “Goodnight and Go. View a range of products such as REM (Dream Lashes), Midnight Shadows (Eye Palette), Mist Thing (Calming Face Mist) and Eclipse (Cheek & Lip Stick). Check out the full range here.

Britney pours out her heart

In addition to thank the Set Yourself Free singer, pregnant Britney Spears confessed to becoming a makeup addict. She also rated herself 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 when it comes to her love of makeup.

Britney also spoke at length about her childhood experiences. She revealed how she had a caring mother. She revealed how times were different and children used to respect their parents. Britney told of her how she cleaned her mother’s back with ice water because she loves it.

The Oops! … I did it again singer wrote“Today’s generation doesn’t even recognize others or greet with a smile because they always look down on their phones.” He also showed an example of instinct vs awareness saying “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done shows where girls literally had their backs turned to look at their phones … whatever it is as it is now.”

Britney also talked about her son Jayden’s fever when she was 9. She revealed how she used a traditional technique instead of calling a doctor for medication and her fever gradually subsided. She slept with him all night and Jayden was eating pancakes the next day like nothing had happened.

Britney has long talked about raising her two children. She also claimed that she didn’t even know how to fix her hair and she wasn’t the “brightest bulb in the tree”. Eventually, she claimed that becoming a makeup addict wasn’t that bad.

Spears said she takes a break at home and surrounds herself with makeup and books. It appears the star is living through all the lost years during the times when her career was at its peak.

Interestingly, it appears that Britney is finally marrying her hot Iranian boyfriend Sam Ashgari. It is speculated that the two secretly exchanged votes. The two are expecting their first child. Read her new post to get some insights into life. Britney really put her heart down.

Britney seems to be enjoying the whole new range of products sent by Ariana. The two seem to be improving their relationship as in 2016 Britney was not impressed with Ariana’s abilities to impersonate her songs. However, if you are looking to purchase these gorgeous products, visit REM Beauty’s official website.

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