“Britain’s most vain man” ditches cosmetic surgery after spending £ 100,000 on his face

Sam Barton, 30, had Botox, veneers, fillers on his cheeks, lips, jaw and chin amid speculation he wanted to look like reality TV star Joey Essex.

Sam Barton
Sam Barton says he changed his ways

Britain’s self-proclaimed “vain man” gave up unnecessary cosmetic surgery after shelling out £ 100,000 to transform his face.

Sam Barton, 30, had Botox, veneers, fillers on his cheeks, lips, jaw and chin amid speculation he wanted to look like reality TV star Joey Essex.

But he says he’s now given up on treatments and his old party lifestyle after the pandemic and is instead focusing on his business, which specializes in cosmetic jobs, Birmingham Live reports.

Barton has also turned away from social media and claims that some of his surgeries were “useless” in his pursuit of fame.

Sam claims he spent £ 100,000 on cosmetic treatments

Sam says he has also given up on his party lifestyle

“I was spending £ 1,000 on a bottle of Champagne,” he said. I was only interested in being photographed on a night out while enjoying a lavish lifestyle so that I could post the photos on Instagram and other social media.

“I wanted fame and in the past I’ve said some stupid things just to get in the papers. I had surgery on my face and other parts of my body, which cost me thousands of pounds.

“It was useless and – although I might give myself some work if I think I need it – I will never have unnecessary surgery again. I have changed.”

“When I was younger and partying every night, I wasn’t really happy. I was constantly worried about how I looked. I’ve been scrutinized by social media and it didn’t have a good impact on my mental health.

“Don’t get me wrong. I still like the occasional outburst – it’s part of my personality. But the party lifestyle no longer defines who I am.

“I was foolish. I took advice on how to deal with the media and told him to say things that would get me headlines. I wanted fame. I wanted to be a star but it was so superficial.

Sam Barton has had Botox, veneers, fillers on his cheeks, lips, jaw and chin



“I have never been truly happy as I am now. I feel like I get great things through hard work. I often work six or seven days a week but it is paying off. I just bought a house with the money I made through my business I am self-sufficient.

Sam used his plastic surgery experience to start his Sutton-based business, AMC Aesthetics. He said, “It was supposed to open when we got into the first block, which was a big blow.

“I have spent the block giving online training and working very hard. The business has gone from strength to strength and we have had a turnover of over £ 300,000 since it opened. We expect a turnover of £ 500,000 next year.

“Even though I will no longer be spending money on surgery that transforms my body, I still have a keen interest in cosmetic work and like to pass on my knowledge in the field to other people.

“We are very responsible and will generally only treat people over the age of 25. They need to be sure they want a cosmetic treatment. I think young people can be very easily influenced by celebrities who get treatment. Everything we do is very responsible. “.

He said travel would be an important part of his future and had a message for a new generation of fame-hungry young people.

“I love to travel,” he said. “I enjoy my holidays in places like Dubai and Tenerife and I want to spend more time traveling.

“The lifestyle of aspiring celebrities is so superficial. You will be happier to go out and find a fulfilling job or start your own business than to pursue fame. True happiness lies deep within you, seeking the celebrity life. the way I did it is very superficial. I no longer use social media like Instagram and Twitter in my personal life. It’s so bad. ”

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