Bridgerton’s Simone Ashley looks completely with curly hair

Without surprise, Bridgerton the second season is the speaks of the city. From the slow, seething romance of Colin and Penelope to the all-important details that fans missed and even * no spoilers * to preparing for that wedding, there’s a lot to discuss. If there is a Bridgerton fan club out there, join us.

But alongside the endless drama on screen, we all live for Simone Ashley. While she looks amazing in every episode as Miss Kate Sharma, Simone has also offered some amazing IRL beauty looks.

Now, as we’ve all seen from the 1800s-inspired hairstyles on the show, women wore their hair up (read: Regency was glam) most of the time. But fast-forward a few hundred years later, and it’s all about wearing you down with soft curls or easy waves. Both Beyoncé and Kendall Jenner sported this look recently and now Simone too.

Celebrity hairstylist Peter Lux shared a snap of the actor’s recent hair look in an Instagram post, which he revealed was for press day for season 2. In her photo, Simone sports luxurious bouncy curls that sit just below her shoulder length and couldn’t be further from what she is 19 years old.ththe character of the century would have worn. Peter shared exclusively with Cosmo United Kingdom the steps on how to get the look.

“I used Amika Curl Corps Defining Cream, £ 20, on freshly washed and towel-dried hair and then gently dried with a diffuser on the hair dryer,” she told us. “Then, I used a 12mm curling iron to further define the natural curls, taking thick sections and wrapping each strand around the barrel.”

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“The trick is to work each section of hair in different directions, so I’d start wrapping the root area one and a half times around the barrel, wait five seconds and let it go,” explains Peter.

“I then pick up the same strand but wrap the remaining area of ​​the holder that hasn’t been curled the opposite way around the barrel. Natural curls are never even! Once the hair has been curled, I carefully separate the sections to create volume. , occasionally teasing the hair towards the scalp for more body and a natural look. “

To complete the look, Peter applies a small amount of Living Proof Anti Frizz Oil, £ 31, across the tips and mid-lengths.

And voila! Do you want to try Simone’s hairstyle yourself? Here are the useful tools in Peter’s kit …

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Amika Curl Corps Definitive Cream


£ 20.00

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ghd Curve Thin Curl Wand


£ 139.00

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Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil 50ml

Living proof

£ 31.00

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