Bridgerton Fashion: Shop for Daphne, Kate and more inspired dresses and garments

Puff sleeves and empire waist have been popular in recent months and the return of the Netflix show Bridgerton seems to have had a huge influence on the fashion trend. Stores like Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, and BHLDN have been selling Regency-era dresses from brands like Selkie and others, but you don’t need to have a ton member’s wallet to look like one of them. If you love Bridgerton fashion, there are all ways to draw inspiration from Kate, Daphne and other characters from the Netflix show.

Daphne plays the piano in Bridgerton

(Image credit: Netflix)

How to dress like Phoebe Dynevor’s Daphne Bridgerton

Cotton may not be the Duchess’s favorite material, but it’s perfect for the summer month. Underneath, the light blue dress mimics the classic pastel blue Daphne preferred during the show, but still has that contemporary twist. It’s also less stiff than dinner silks and has a perfect softness for brunch or a day in the cellar. If you prefer Daphne in other colors, however, we have what she is for you, below.

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